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"Answer kidney 4 couplet therapeutics " break free from conventions -- be brave

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If the kidney of human body had pathological change, do not organize medicaments action interior at nephritic pathological changes directly, the medicaments outside relying on body merely is permeated or ion guides, so when medicaments enters nephritic pathological changes to organize circularly through blood, its are effective medicaments chroma can be very little, curative effect is very difficult satisfactory. This is to puzzle the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine's old medicine difficult problem all the time, namely so called medicaments is incorrect the remedial principle of “ card ” . And Western medicine treats nephrosis uremia, it is take temporary solution not the method of the effect a permanent cure, only pure elimination occult blood of uric albumen, make water, flesh anhydride exceeds bid dialytic, is not from the pathogeny proceed with comes repair kidney function, had with respect to disappear, disappear again long, relapse instead answer, the patient is in passivity cure all the time, cause illness defer to heal hard, enter state of a kind of vicious circle, this is the remedial principle of ” of incorrect testimony of medicaments of so called “ . Come how many years, numerous nephrosis expert tries to solve this problem through effective method, regrettablly is all effort did not obtain ideal result.     

The group of expert of hospital of Shijiazhuang blood nephrosis that heads with Dr. Wang Jiguang passes elaborate exploration of more than 30 years, face nephrosis uremia the dense disease of sex of this generation bound, hormone of initiate “ blame is not dialytic — answer kidney the “ winter bug of the brand-new theory of uremia of nephrosis of cure of ” of 4 couplet therapeutics and gene technology extraction is alexipharmic kidney of specially good effect of soup ” , “ declines Chinese traditional medicine of series of a ” preparation, from this hormone of “ of nephrosis of Western medicine cure---Dialytic---3 paces of the ”“ that change kidney the forestall situation of music ” is broken, also capture for Chinese traditional medicine of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine nephrosis uremia open up gave a broad road finally at the same time.   

Gene changes Chinese traditional medicine processing technology is to adopt contemporary high-tech measure, make significant component spills over adequately and condense extraction of Chinese traditional medicine, the target that raised Chinese traditional medicine thereby is mixed to fixed position penetrable ability, so that its enter focus of a disease quickly, change structure of its price key, system of immunity of activation human body, adjust afresh function of human body immunity, change condition of human body core thoroughly, make human body itself produces tremendous superego repair capability, quicken its metabolism and rehabilitate, dispel Yu gives birth to structure of new change kidney, material of bad sex of cleared kidney implode (immunity is compound content and metabolization child) , the kidney unit that makes be damaged thereby from go up at all be able to repair, make atrophic kidney grows apparently, make kidney declined to uremic patient avoids or be cast off thereby dialytic. In addition, kidney function got resumptive effectively, uric albumen, red blood cell (occult blood) , canal also from go up at all be able to eliminate, much bursa kidney or kidney cyst narrow gradually subsequently or disappear, achieve with this cure.   

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