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Does Chinese traditional medicine have better idea to use?

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Often hear a patient to complain: Chinese traditional medicine was drunk too hard really, light queasy and disgusting vomit again, and the contraindication that still a lot of food go up, this also is one of main reasons that major patient treats a disease not to choose a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine. So, why is the first selection that everybody treats a disease a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, anatomize rises, have the reason of the following respects roughly:

One, the curative effect of Chinese traditional medicine of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine is slow, the effect is not distinct

"Acute disease sees Western medicine, slow disease takes a fancy to cure " the consensus that this is a lot of people, but this also is an error. In the idea that treats a disease in the masses, often accept Western medicine to treat first after fall ill, when cure fails or be being announced to did not cure hope have no way out by Western medicine, toughen one's scalp-brace oneself seeks gift attempt of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine. Also be such in nephrosis cure.

For instance, in nephritis phase, outstanding performance of the patient is occult blood and protein are contained in make water, in this phase, western medicine often can use pair of disease diminish inflammation to hold concurrently with hormone percussive therapeutics, the advantage of this therapeutics is to get effective fast, clinical curative effect is good. If stop medical time and hormone to reduce an amount,the problem of existence is time control is not accurate, bring about illness recrudesce easily, produce certain side effect, old disease did not add new disease again more. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine often is with silt of invigorate the circulation of blood, clear heat, alexipharmic, dispel, help up, method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood, filling this world regard cure as the method. The advantage of this kind of therapeutics is after curing have a relapse not easily, defect is remedial period grows. And people still has an idea now, if Chinese traditional medicine can be very fast,cure disease namely, people is with respect to meeting suspicion in Chinese traditional medicine mix into the component of Western medicine, if cannot be cured very quickly, can be suspected the validity that the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine treats again.

The Chinese does not believe his medicine, beg study the attitude that adopting suspicion again at the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, right now the patient's illness already was gotten by cure complex and serious, how can you say Chinese traditional medicine of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine again is curative effect slow? Why to send initial stage to look for a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine decisively to treat in disease? And, because the abuse of environmental change, antibiotic brings about the change of people constitution, Chinese traditional medicine now,knowledge does not gain ground, take dosage and method incorrect wait for a reason to also bring about Chinese traditional medicine to did not produce its due effect.

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