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How does doctoral expert clew restrain IgA nephrosis- - development becomes kidn

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Kidney failure, uremia is nephrosis aggravation eventually end phase, to the nephrosis of any types, if cannot get active and effective treatment, the illness cannot get control, or late or early metropolis develops uremia. According to statistic: The United States has 50 thousand person every year to die at uremia about, of our country coming on is the United States is sixfold much, the number that dies because of uremia every year does not fall 1 million.

Concerned data shows, thought IgA nephrosis is a kind of prognostic and good disease in the past, think IgA nephrosis is disease of sex of a kind of progress now, the check of make water of IgA nephrosis patient that has 5%-30% only can alleviate completely unusually, most patient is shown undertake the gender develops chronically. From head hair symptom rises, the patient that has 20% 10 every years about develops eventually evening nephrosis, namely kidney failure, uremia.

One, nephritic fiber turns the concern with IgA nephrosis, kidney failure, uremia

It is the nephrosis of IgA nephrosis or other type no matter, when developing kidney failure, uremia, average person can say and did not control aggravation. What say in big members of a family actually " exasperate " it is a general view only, the fiber that real reason is a kidney is changed. IgA nephrosis or it is other kidneys kind the disease makes progress the essence of kidney failure, uremia is nephritic fiber change bring about effective kidney unit and kidney function to undertake the gender drops. Say well and truly, the process that kidney failure, uremia fashions is the course that nephritic fiber changes.

All sorts of elements that cause disease, for example: Infection of infection of phlogistic, other the upper respiratory tract, gastric bowel path, urology waits tonsil a moment, bring about immunity the deposit that complex matter IgA fastens velar division in kidney spherule, the proliferation that causes kidney spherule to fasten velar cell and grow in quantity of matrix of the cell that fasten film. Bring about a kidney inherent cell is damaged, release a series of phlogistic sex medium, appear phlogistic sex reaction. As the accentuation of cellular damage level, cellular watch happen change, the cell begins occurrence sclerosis, the function begins to lose, nephritic fiber is changed begin to start. The concealment as a result of the kidney the gender is extremely strong, still be not worth when forfeiture rate 50% when, namely when cellular sclerosis gross still does not exceed half above, this is the earlier stage that nephritic fiber turns. Patient of some IgA nephrosis has the naked eye hematuria with not much time merely or the hematuria below lens, perhaps accompany have minim albuminuria, because pathology loss is smaller, kidney function still is in normal limits inside, and oneself is done not have other and apparent unwell, loosen vigilance to this so. To effecting a radical cure right now actually nephrosis has conclusive sense, but often be ignored by patient and doctor, leave future trouble.

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