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Two concepts should understand when nephrosis patient uses hormone

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Had been you treated with hormone? Whether be to be used correctly

A lot of patients are used in the process that treats nephrosis or had used hormone, hormone also is having main effect in the cure of nephrosis, but if use undeserved brought secondary action also can be deadly. So how to just calculate use hormone correctly? The doctoral student adviser of hospital of nephrosis of blood of modern doctor of traditional Chinese medicine tells Shijiazhuang you:

One. Use hormone to want to hold to two principles above all

1. Maintain for a long time use

Hormone wants a large number of full amount application when inchoate applying. There are lymphocyte of T of cell of a kind of immunity and B lymphocyte inside human body, they are by the red marrow in marrow place is made, b lymphocyte participates in humoral immunity, and T lymphocyte participates in cellular immunity. They can produce immune reaction. Want to know, of nephritic disease basically immune reaction causes come on, the application of hormone is to control the immune function of lymphocyte. And because hormone is to the action of immune cell,not be to kill and wound, because this has full amount to use hormone for a long time to just can rise only,control the function that immunity reacts, achieve ideal result. Maintain use 1~2 for 0.5mg/kg commonly the month reduces an amount again.

2. Slow reduce an amount

Hormone cannot aleatoric out of service, want to have the process reducing an amount of a successive, stop medicine suddenly to meet those who cause an illness rebound. That is to say hormone of out of service when should accomplish a standard to stop drug. Not regular application hormone kind if medicaments is added at will decrease, stop drug, not the rule is removed decrease etc, make the illness accentuates repeatedly extremely easily, treat again hard even, and accentuate repeatedly, increase the difficulty that cure recovers.

2. Two concepts should understand when use hormone

1. Hormone is counteractive: Show hormone full amount uses 8 Zhou Mo effect, can regard hormone as resistance. Invalid definition is in normative use hormone the illness inside a year has a relapse 3 times above.

2. Hormone depends on: The circumstance that stops drug in the standard plays the phenomenon that occurrence illness rebounds, if appear again albuminuria. Can regard hormone as to depend on.

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