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So that accentuate,the medicine that treat kidney cannot be used in disorder of

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Medicine is to use those who treat a disease of course, but all medicaments not only have curative effect, have the undesirable reaction that causes a disease possibly still. These harmful response are OK very light, for instance symptom of path of bowel of a few stomaches is like abdominal distension, disgusting etc; But OK also very heavy, fail like acute kidney function for instance, or acute liver is damaged, acute aplastic anemia, have life risk even.

Medicaments is undesirable the happening of reaction often has particular concern with the dosage that use drug and individual difference. Generally speaking, the kidney that medicaments causes is damaged have two kinds of cases. One kind can foretell, the medicaments itself that uses that is to say has potential kidney noxiousness. In common treatment dosage falls, medicaments can not bring about apparent kidney to damage happen; But fall in certain circumstance, for instance too large dose is used, oneself of the person that use drug is put in dehydration or the circumstance such as shock brings about nephritic blood flow to decrease, when the person that the person that use drug contracts nephritic disease or use drug is senile patient, produce apparent kidney likely to damage, bring about exhaustion of acute kidney function even. Another kind cannot foretell, namely medicaments itself does not have direct kidney noxiousness, whether can kidney happen to damage after taking a kind of medicaments depend on the individual element of the person that take. That is to say, same kind of medicaments, some people had that's all right, and some people ate to be damaged with respect to meeting occurrence kidney. Below this kind of circumstance, because the individual and idiosyncratic sex of certain person makes his excessive to some kind of medicaments,producing the mechanism that kidney damages is sensitive and brought about oneself immunity to damage.

The kidney that medicaments causes is damaged in clinical the show that attend is OK varied, exhaustion of acute kidney function sees at most, 9 days after often taking the medicaments that cause disease come 9 happen inside week. Often symptom of gastric bowel path waits like anorexia, disgusting, vomiting, because patient kidney function drops,this is the poison that causes airframe metabolization generation cannot complete eduction and cause in the accumulation inside body. If the show that partial patient can have systemic allergy is rash, calorific wait, and the expression of nephritic disease criterion often not apparent, need to undertake uric laboratory test checks ability to make clear, can uric quantity decreases, but more circumstances are make water the volume is normal. This also often is the acute kidney function that medicaments causes exhaustion is in clinical it is easy to go up by him patient and even the reason of doctor oversight. Medicaments causes the other expression that kidney damages to be able to have kidney spherule nephritis, clinical on expression is apparent albuminuria, hematuria, dropsy to wait; Or expression is obstacle of kidney canaliculus function, if acid of canaliculus of kidney sex diabetes insipidus, kidney is toxic,wait; Still partial patient expression is exhaustion of chronic kidney function.

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