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How does active ingredient drop Chinese traditional medicine hematic flesh anhyd

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How does active ingredient drop Chinese traditional medicine hematic flesh anhydride and urea nitrogen?

What is hematic flesh anhydride, what is urea nitrogen?

Hematic flesh anhydride and level of nitrogen of element of blood in the urine mirrorred kidney to decline kidney function state of the patient. Their level is higher, the scathing rate of kidney function is more serious. Be in usually, the ratio between hematic flesh anhydride and nitrogen of element of blood in the urine is 1:1 about0. But nitrogen of element of blood in the urine is measured the effect that waits for an element easily by food, make water. Its chroma fluctuates more easily up and down, and chroma of hematic flesh anhydride suffers afore-mentioned effects less, so hematic flesh anhydride more well and truly reflective kidney function.

Hematic flesh anhydride is urea nitrogen tall, tall how to treat?

Hematic flesh anhydride is the child that the body metabolizes normally, after getting nephritic disease, arrived especially the level with kidney not total function, lost the function that discharges poison gradually because of the nephritic filtration film of damage, hematic flesh anhydride cannot complete eduction, can pile up inside body, arrived certain level is uremia.

Before conventional treatment is to fall only flesh anhydride, and do not go repair base film, such flesh anhydride won't drop, make drop already, that also is temporary.

Main function goes to gene Chinese traditional medicine namely cleared complex matter and pathological changes organize the immunity that causes loss of film of kidney spherule base, at the same time film of base of repair kidney spherule. Want to will be damaged only after base film rehabilitate, changed nephritic structure, enlarged area of kidney spherule filtration, hematic flesh anhydride can drop gradually, but this needs a course, must prevent a cold right now, control food and mood, do not want the element such as blood pressure of overworked, control, blood sugar, protect good kidney function. Want to notice these only, hematic flesh anhydride can fall certainly!

Case of illness one:

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