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How does active ingredient treat Chinese traditional medicine kidney declines in

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According to statistic, the American that has 1 ten million about suffers from chronic nephrosis, among them the patient of 58% is to die at cardiovascular disease. And be in our country, 64 what evening kidney function fails to hold dead number because of the person that hemal complication dies. 3 % .

Gene Chinese traditional medicine erupts simultaneously in exhaustion of remedial kidney function the action that heart function fails

Consider to show, sclerotic likelihood each other is evening kidney disease and arterial congee appearance causal, on one hand congee appearance sclerosis can quicken nephrosis progress. On the other hand exhaustion of terminal kidney function is the critical factor of sclerosis of a lot of traditional congee appearance. Two kinds of hemal disease inferior model it is heavy model of sclerosis of arterial congee appearance and old blood vessel, and exhaustion of terminal kidney function is opposite these two kinds inferior model all have effect. Sclerosis of arterial congee appearance is main with spot piece is formed and out-of-the-way give priority to, median of exhaustion of terminal kidney function occurence rate of congee appearance sclerosis very tall and range is wider, the congee appearance sclerosis that diffuse increases cardiovascular disease die in one's bed to die to lead and quicken kidney function to worsen apparently. Sclerosis of arterial congee appearance can bring about arterial wall matrix to add thick be short of blood with cardiac muscle. In patient of exhaustion of terminal kidney function, be short of heart disease of courage and uprightness to be like stalk of angina pectoris, heart and sudden death, and cerebral blood-vessel disease, outside week blood-vessel disease and heart decline is commonner.

And gene Chinese traditional medicine is in clinical application, show pair of bate blood-vessel, the enthusiasm action of outspread blood-vessel. Arrive directly at medicaments through profess to convinced and clyster kidney, restrain kidney function to continue to fail, improve nephritic hematopoiesis mechanism, bate, dredge hemal, to artery appearance sclerosis has congee to improve function apparently. Hematopoiesis mechanism restores stage by stage, carry blood to come cardiac is hemal by dredge, avoided arterial wall matrix to add namely thick be short of blood with cardiac muscle. Improve aortic environment, prevent little arterial pathological change, keep good thereby offer blood, for oxygen.

Specific application and in the light of:

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