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Treat nephrosis uremia you choose that kind
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The clinical performance of nephrosis is basic it is uric albumen lifts, have blood in the urine, oedema waits, treat nephrosis now, have two kinds of plan basically, these two kinds of plan are will dominate clinical show with reducing uric albumen, hematuria, diuresis to give priority to.

1Planting is to use cellular noxiousness to medication, if cane of amine of acyl of phosphor of prednisone, annulus, Thunder God controls uric albumen, control blood in the urine, but cane of amine of acyl of phosphor of prednisone, annulus, Thunder God destroys lymphocyte, control immune power, reduce leucocyte, control immune power, and out of service these medicaments, the illness can rebound, uric albumen, hematuria may be aggravating.

Afore-mentioned cure to most patient it is a kind of effective treatment, short-term especially in acute mobile period makes progress to controlling an illness effective, but long-term and many application, side effect is big, do not use this treatment as far as possible. If pressing above therapeutics to treat, proposal patient should be in seasoned below the diplomate guidance of responsible feeling, follow the pattern that disease happening develops, undertake hormone is removed decrease.

2The inadequacy of uremia of cure of law of cure of traditional Chinese traditional medicine

The effective treatment class status in 1. traditional Chinese traditional medicine, only fry in shallow oil relying on water is given not easily by sufficient simmer in water;

2. even if can decoct gives active ingredient, also be like next defect:

(1) stomach of easy stimulation of Chinese traditional medicine of long-term profess to convinced, use up gastric juice to be able to produce the side effect such as disgusting vomiting, inappetence in great quantities;

(2) medicaments enters system inside hind, active ingredient solubility is low, use inadequate;

(3) do not have due live thing effective, because this puts in the following problem:

Can be aimed at a kidney only, and cannot be aimed at focus of a disease;
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