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The doctor coachs IgA nephrosis is treated correctly
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IgA nephrosis is worldwide inside nephritis of the commonnest spherule of the former kidney that send a gender, pathology of immunity of kidney vivid check shows kidney spherule fastens velar division to have the grain appearance deposit that gives priority to with IgA.

The incidence of a disease of IgA nephrosis already occupied the 10%-20% of nephritis of spherule of the former kidney that send a gender in Australia, had occupied 30%-40% in the Asia. In recent years the progress as medical treatment level, although the cure to IgA obtained greater progress, but this disease has a relapse to remain a when perplex medical bound big question instead, a series of issues that use generation of all sorts of Western medicine place that treat to disease especially are exposed gradually come out, for example side effect is big, use for a long time cause dependence to wait a moment.

Current, the principle remedy of IgA nephritis is:

1, common treatment

The person that naked eye hematuria happens after be being affected to the upper respiratory tract, use effective antibiotic treatment; The patient that has high blood pressure to companion should control high blood pressure actively, to controlling blood pressure actively, lest hematic flow is mechanical and unusual,damage aggravating nephritis illness with blood-vessel; The patient that to relapsing naked eye hematuria breaks out, can consider to undertake tonsil resection. The report points out, after excising tonsil focus of a disease, can make patient of hematuria of 40% above IgA gets alleviating.

2, intercessory immunity reaction

Pine rude and unreasonable the Buddhist nun treats IgA nephritis, make an appointment with those who have 40% to alleviate rate; Natrium of Tuo Ying of amine of acyl of phosphor of amalgamative use Pan Shengding, annulus, benzene (daily 5-6mg/kg) , can make serum IgA level falls; Daily 5mg/kg of A of element of Bao of annulus of profess to convinced, can make albumen is reduced.

3, the immunity in cleared blood circulation is compound content

The immunity in cleared blood circulation is compound content, give IgA nephritis patient not to have bran food 6 months - 4 years, the IgA in blood drops apparently, uric albumen and hematuria also improve apparently. Use lubricious pleasant acerbity sodium, daily 1.2g, can reduce albuminuria.
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