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How does active ingredient treat Chinese traditional medicine diabetic nephrosis
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Diabetic nephrosis is a kind by diabetic the follow that cause sends sexual nephrosis, as a result of,it is diabetic the kidney spherule that the blood capillary pathological change that cause brings about is sclerotic, it is Ⅰ diabetic main cause of death. The patient has function of oedema, albuminuria, hypertensive, kidney to drop gradually, terminal the symptom such as exhaustion of function of disease of occurrence nitrogen qualitative blood, kidney.   
The Chinese traditional medicine of gene n/med the process of preparing Chinese medicine treats mechanism, it is the active ingredient in many Chinese traditional medicine was being released in the Chinese traditional medicine that passes from treatment, have 1 dredge the blood capillary net of existent kidney spherule and kidney canaliculus, improve kidney unit small loop quickly, increase hematic oxygen supply, the kidney spherule that promotes metamorphic metamorphism to rupture reachs the capillary net of kidney canaliculus, repair second birth, repair rebuilds kidney unit, kidney filters film, restore its filtration function. 2. Interferon can arise inside lead put oneself in another's position, prevent body inside and outside the harmful material harm to kidney. 3. Adjust immunity restrains antibody of surface of the red blood cell in blood to form, prevent immunity the generation of complex matter. 4. The poison of clear chaotic platoon, cleared factor that cause disease, cut off the harm to the kidney. 5. Compensatory and many amino acid (Chinese caterpillar fungus 18 kinds of amino acid) , the albumen inside stimulative body is synthesized, reduce albumen to decompose, reduce anhydride of urea nitrogen, flesh to wait form. 6. 2 urea nitrogen is reached inside adsorptive blood, promote outside eliminating to carry, implementation kidney function is reached newlier restore to avoid mechanical and dialytic sufferings and harm. Achieve in the light of the cause of disease that causes nephritic fiber to change, undertake those who have specific aim destroy vivid, degradation, wither dies, repair, achieve the goal that restrains nephritic fiber to turn exasperate chain thereby. This therapeutics is cure and the innovation treatment that resume kidney function, it is had in the light of focus of a disease concentrated, cleared focus of a disease availability of biology of complete, medicaments is tall, have quick result, efficient, long the characteristic of effect.

Be aimed at diabetic " 3 tall one low " peculiar symptom, give the diabetic food such as low salt, low fat, high grade albumen is recuperated, at the same time complementary with blood dialytic, refuse the treatment such as infection, patient of partial be in a bad way gives at enriching the blood, solution of positive electricity of acid of filling calcium, correct, correct is simple blood sugar of disorder, control, pair of disease cure such as diuresis detumescence. While with gene Chinese traditional medicine therapeutics is treated, coordinate much channel of acupuncture point, main and collateral channels, sufficient cure with medicine, inside and outside holds concurrently long, increase the medicaments concentration that has a department, enhance medical effect the play of utmost, gradually from go up at all the further progress that restrains an illness, ill nephrosis of make water of check refine sugar declines to kidney, uremic progress.
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