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Chronic kidney declines why does the patient should not be eat tall Potassium fo

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Normal adult is daily need potassium 2.5 grams, the content of the Potassium in natural food is relatively rich, common and prandial daily can offer 2, 4 grams, complete can contented physiology needs. After potassium enters human body, about 90% is absorb via alvine path inside shorter time, the others follows style of eduction of excrement and urine outside, after absorbed Potassium is participating in the cell inside body to metabolize, pass path of kidney, bowel and sweat gland eduction, the main avenue that normal adult discharges potassium is uric fluid (occupy about 80% ) .   

Chronic kidney declines patient kidney adjusts the ability that potassium metabolizes is reduced apparently, below the condition that in sex of the source inside acute bear of sex of the source outside mixing adds, be hard to maintain the balance that potassium metabolizes, and appear disease of tall Potassium blood. The harm with the mainest disease of tall Potassium blood is to cause rhythm of the heart disorder, blood pressure is reduced, the heartbeat stops suddenly, breath stops to wait for serious consequence, electrocardiogram examination conduces to diagnose disease of tall Potassium blood. When 6mmol/L of hematic Potassium prep above, electrocardiogram V1-V4 guides couplet has wave of typical Gao Jian T, q, between T period lengthen, p affects R wave is reduced, QRS Boqunzeng is wide, s, T paragraph depress.   

Daily and prandial medium flesh kind, legume, dish kind potassium is contained in waiting for food richer, rice face take second place, egg kind less. Among them with dried small shrimps, soya bean, black soya bean, gram, lily, arrowhead, day lily, red three-colored amaranth, tomato sauce (can) , laver, hot pickled mustard tuber, bloat potherb mustard, dry dawdle, dry dried mushrooms, bright jujube, Gan Gongzao, grape, dry groundnut, tea, chronic kidney declines the patient answers careful edible.

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