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Pay close attention to -- the dietary error of uremic patient

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Following medicaments and food uremia patient need to prohibit strictly:

One, Chinese traditional medicine: Cane of vermilion, Thunder God, the bark of official magnolia, Chinese the root of fangji, wood the root of fangji, Jin Xianlian.

2, Western medicine: Steroid, tetracycline, antiphlogistic anodyne < no matter profess to convinced, inject, contain possibly at all sorts of patulin in >

3, food:

< 1 > with delicate for the principle;

< 2 > low albumen food, avoid big fish big meat;

< 3 > avoid tall Potassium food: Wait like essence of essence of can of the low natrium salt, soy that do not have salt, pickles, treatment, ginseng, chicken, strong tea;

< 4 > avoid acerbity food of high make water: Work like pluck, seafood, small fish, reach legume to wait;

The dietary error of uremic patient

The kidney is human body is very main excrete an organ, drop apparently when kidney function, child of the metabolization inside body cannot outside eduction body when, can produce a series of disease, be like Sao of anorexia, disgusting vomiting, skin urticant, anaemia, call " uremia " . The metabolization child as a result of protein cannot eduction, reason uremia patient needs to restrict protein intake, encourage small amount food of high grade albumen, in order to delay the development of the illness. But the patient is existing when particular operation a few errors.

Error one;

Dietary limitation is excessive;

Although uremic patient needs to restrict protein intake, but not be to prohibit absorbing protein. Because some patients are abdominal distension reach appetite to owe beautiful, together with has " limitative protein is absorbed " concept, so the flesh kind, egg kind, milk does not eat a bit almost, eat congee to add green vegetables only, cause inadequacy of quantity of heat, as time passes, can bring about hidebound. Actually, uremic patient especially angular person, the oil in food kind should increase appropriately with starch, with the quantity of heat with supply enough airframe, reduce the protein inside body decompose.

Error 2:  holds badger of Yun of room of instrument saddle word to flinch   evil spirit bend so as to breakstubborn of cochlea of the Kingdom of Wei of the fir that treat Piao is exhausted

Senile uremia patient often incorporates other disease, consequently food also should undertake corresponding adjustment: Quan  is fond of? of ⑻ quiet ancient name for a kind of scorpion, below the condition that makes sure energy is supplied, should restrict candy and starch appropriately kind food, with benefit at if incorporate,controlling blood sugar; hypertensive, coronary heart disease, oily kind should decrease appropriately, in order to delay the progress of hemal pathological changes.

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