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The food of take good care of sb of nephrosis patient reachs a note
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One. The take good care of sb of nephrosis:

The take good care of sb of nephrosis returns for 2 respects, it is to protect shade essence of life at ordinary times, 2 it is disease hind careful daily life.   

1. protects shade essence of life at ordinary times:   

(God of 1) concentrate on more serious things in order to cease photograph fire is frivolous: Essence of life is the foundation of life, kidney of the person that hide essence of life also, si Shujie person liver also, both comparing has photograph fire. Jun Huo also, feeling of the place that it is content is moved, enchanted a photograph fire movability, move criterion the five internal organs all shakes and energy goes oneself, yi Ke flows and sparse release,   

(2) section is passional in case bad news of shade essence absurd. Passional appropriate section has shoulded not be, no-no sex in order to defend shade choice, especially nephrosis patient more appropriate Shen Zhi.   

(3) moves the seven emotional factors in order to make shade essence adherence: Should notice particularly after disease pleasurable, anger criterion hurts liver and photograph fire is moved, use scanty leak adverse, the illness can tend serious.   

The food of 2. nephrosis:   

(All sorts of 1) nephrosis should avoid: Aniseed of meat of blast of hot food of raw meat or fish, decoct, crab, garlic, raw onion, caraway, dog, wine, beef, hotpot, coffee, the five spices and everything sends thing.

(2) food should notice low salt food, edible is delicate and the food that contains a lot ofa vitamin.

The person that the person that oedema is weighed reachs hypertension should avoid salt, limitative albumen alimental enters an amount, little water. Without dropsy, do not restrict water and of albumen food other people into the quantity, the person that the person that lens issues blood in the urine reachs appropriate get angry waters more, feed the shade such as apple, white sugar, black sesame seed, agaric to fall more igneous food; Nephrosis syndrome and other nephrosis are many albuminuria, but set limit to is entered feed, high quality is protein. Like milk, carp, adult everyday intake makes an appointment with 60g left and right sides, and give priority to with albumen of high living things, usable and the following two kinds of plan:

A: Early milk 0.5 jins, midday lean lean 1 2, late egg white 2.

B: Early egg white two, midday lean lean 2 2, late egg white 1. Low salt food, general and daily absorb it is 1~3g about, oedema is serious person should daily limitation arrives 0.5g. Without diabetic person, increase carbohydrate to absorb appropriately, make sure energy is enough, reduce negative nitrogen balance; Uric acidity nephrosis, want to water more, want to hold sufficient uric amount, should abstinence hyacinth bean, spinach, tea, coffee, pluck;
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