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Her nephrosis is asked for integratedly recover here!

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Patient: ? of Fan of an official document or note female person of city of Taiyuan of province of Shanxi of 31 years old of the Han nationality.

Go to already diagnose: Danger of haze ∽ a surname

Action in chief: Come on already two years superabundant, via city diagnose of some hospital inspection is " nephrosis syndrome " be in hospital treats half an year continuously, when the illness good equation of time, arrive early or late and other places of Taiyuan, Xi'an each large hospital cure, still fail to be cured thoroughly, classics family carries the search on the net after, consult my courtyard " blame hormone blame is dialytic -- remedial nephrosis uremia " " immune answer kidney 4 couplet therapeutics " after reaching pertinent information, at coming on April 16, 2005 my courtyard is treated.

Familial history: Its mother ever sufferred from nephritis of sex of chronic kidney spherule

Disease of the body when be admitted to hospital: Facial have spend dropsy gently, heart lungs is normal, kidney is bilateral the area is spent gently kowtow attack painful, temperature 36 degrees, mercuric column of millimeter of blood pressure 154/95, lower limbs points to pressure show but sunken sex oedema

Lab examination: Triglyceride of 22g/L of albumin of serum of uric albumen occult blood: 9.5mm01/L

Be admitted to hospital diagnose: Does haze ∽ a surname show?

Remedial circumstance;

After the patient is admitted to hospital, group of expert of my courtyard doctor passes detailed consultation, the decision applies my courtyard " be not dialytic blame hormone -- remedial nephrosis uremia " " immune answer kidney 4 couplet therapeutics " give a patient profess to convinced " wintry bug originallies soup of this invigorate the circulation of blood " , the series Chinese traditional medicine such as " of soup of detumescence of " answer kidney deserves to retain enema treatment with Chinese traditional medicine at the same time, treat 40 days complete kind the symptom improves apparently; Dropsy disappears, mercuric column of millimeter of blood pressure 120/85. Lab examination: Make water albumen occult blood - . Triglyceride of serum albumin 36g/L: 2.5mm01/L.

The patient is restricted because of economic condition place, the requirement comes home consolidate cure.

When leaving hospital, check:  ?20/80mmHg. Function of kidney of uric convention, blood convention, liver examines all normal, expert group agrees to take medicine to come home treat. The phone is followed visit, up to now body in order, the job that has returned to normal and life.

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