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Does remedial nephrosis ask for hormone integratedly why to disable?

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Hormone concussion therapeutics of many days 120 and 40 come the Chinese traditional medicine of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine of the day is treated, to the patient, this is both between the accident that of six to one is time not just, more important is to have the sharp difference that does not have curative effect. Perhaps be this differentia different, let I and the glamour that the child recognized Chinese traditional medicine of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine for the first time. And the change on this kind of understanding, originate again my child of 9 years old obviously the essential sex of the illness changes.

What suffer from obviously is nephrosis is asked for integratedly, say time of her go to the bad is not long, from come on the time that there is a year or so about now. In this year, obviously major while is to be in what Henan spends in hospital of a 3 first class, the remedial plan that this hospital makes for her has only -- hormone concussion, this also is nephrosis asks for a kind of the the most commonly used, mainest remedy in treating a process integratedly. Dan Mingming is planted to this it seems that therapeutics not feel grateful, although her dropsy improved many, the dropsy that hormone causes rose however.

Most those who let me have a headache is, uric albumen of the child maintains all the time between ~ , cannot see the sign that improves apparently. But the child's doctor in charge of a case says, hormone cure is a long-term course, the ability after at least half an year reduces an amount, and once hormone is used cannot stop casually, the child has not come out to the sensitivity of hormone, time grew effect nature to come out. As a result of the doctor this word, I accompany the child to accept hormone to treat in the hospital full 80 days, but final examination result is disappointing however: Obviously uric albumen or two plus.

Right now, obviously position is very bad, cannot have how many thing, sleep in the evening bad, the lively interest previously did not have completely, this cure ends with failing.

When hormone this by everybody's accepted and effective treatment method invalidation when, my can find no way out. Although I look after children later,come Shijiazhuang is contemporary when hospital of nephrosis of blood of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, my remedial effect to hospital of this specialized subject still is put have a lot of worry, among them the illness of child of the biggest apprehension nothing is more... than. If treat the word that fails again this, the child's study, future should be destroyed possibly really in nephrosis this pits went up.

Additional, there still is a secret worry in my heart, I discover a phenomenon during accompanying child be in hospital, after a lot of nephrosis ask for a patient integratedly to treat period of time, the illness had different rate really improve, the process to medicaments of hormone of out of service can reduce after leave hospital in, the illness has a relapse very quickly must again occupy hospital. This makes me faint and conscious arrive the limitation of hormone medicaments, it is pure hormone only cure is outside force of have the aid of only it seems that force a gender to restrain the illness, and force miss the opportunity of need of sexual outside force when this kind, the control of the illness was not to lose safeguard, is what have recrudesce at any time likely? If can from go up to keep clear of the undesirable ingredient that produces in nephritic place at all, after that do although encounter a cold,this kind cause an element should won't also get again accordingly diversionary?

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