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Nephrosis signs an acknowledgment letter of the patient integratedly

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Anamnesis cento: Shang Laixi, male, 18 years old, battalion of big house of plum bayou town is pressed down

Date of first visit to a doctor: On June 8, 2006

The patient sends a letter,

Expert uncle, aunt:

You are good!

I sufferred from nephrosis to be asked for integratedly, treat a disease to give me, father mother did not buy new clothes 3 years, father smoke wine avoid, I also discontinue one's studying is in the home. The dropsy with face and serious leg, afraid neighbour knows my patient's condition, I dare not give room, regard companion as with report all the day, spent Ji Sheng happily to bestrew a shadow alive originally. Parents takes me to beg cure to ask medicine everywhere, large hospital, small clinic, also tried even civilian folk prescription several. Spent many money not to say, illness improvement is not clear.

One day, innocently in see Shijiazhuang is contemporary the website of hospital of nephrosis of blood of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine. Advisory expert says the nephrosis that can treat me is asked for integratedly, parents is holding the manner that have a try in the arms to borrowed money to buy Chinese traditional medicine of gene of a period of treatment and aweto firm to me this capsule. Cannot think of, take drug a month, my bloated apparent subsidise. Parents gave up apprehension, bought the drug of 2 period of treatment to me again.

The expert made plan of a rehabilitation to me, when the 2nd period of treatment comes down to check again, bloated, canal disappeared, occult blood ± , albumen ± . Although the symptom disappeared, but I still am insisting to take consolidate period of treatment, I should ask for nephrosis integratedly cure thoroughly. I can go out to play, also can help parents do a few simple chore.

Nephrosis makes go from bad to worse of our comparatively well-off domestic economy condition, and hospital of nephrosis of blood of modern doctor of traditional Chinese medicine gave Shijiazhuang family light and hope, let me acquire a new life. Glad, I want to offer a bit proposal to the hospital, whether drop medical price again a few, because be mixed to farmer, average worker long disease seeks treated person with all possible means for, knowing is good medicine, also some of burden does not rise.

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