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The former nephrosis that send a gender is asked for integratedly

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Officer physician: Yang Yongwei

Patient: 28 of fourth Yu Xiangnan year old autonomous prefecture person of Yunnan Dali the Bai nationality. Postcode: 671003

Medical history: Patient at 6 years before casual in grow in quantity of the bubble in discovering pee, from time to tome cloudy, feel a bit the body is tired, did not grant to take seriously. Sufficient ankle ministry discovers dropsy after a month, and spread very quickly up, pervade all over, appear oedema of facial, limb, sensory limbs acid is heavy at the same time faint, not desire food, from time to tome disgusting, vomiting, bosom is frowsty wait for a symptom, go to local hospital checking then.

The cure before be admitted to hospital: Uric albumen 4 + , + of concealed blood + , albumen of 24 hours of make water is mensurable9.3g, serum total albumen4.8g, serum albumin25 G, diagnose for: The former nephrosis that send a gender is asked for integratedly. Then hospitalization. Local hospital gives be defeated note albumin, fast make water, reduce after half moon leave hospital.

Later because of cold, overworked (much because of sex overworked) and have a relapse for many times aggravating, and recrudescent frequency is more and more frequent. The patient is effect a radical cure thoroughly this is ill, hind at most provincial hospital treats the home, the effect all not beautiful. 301 hospitals of Beijing turn after, profess to convinced of this courtyard application is many much glucoside of cane of hormone, Thunder God piece wait with amine of acyl of phosphor of vein inject annulus, semiotic weight, uric albumen wave motion is between 2 + of 1 ~ ; Ration of albumen of 24 hours of make water is fluctuant in 2 ~5.3g, and the cold is more and more frequent, catch a cold to all can bring about illness accentuation every time.

The disease has a relapse: Patient at two months before, the illness has a relapse again and accentuate, effects of 15 Queen of heaven are treated in local hospital not beautiful, turn into my courtyard cure via patient introduction then.

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