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Blame hormone replaces therapeutics to treat nephrosis to be asked for integrate

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Want albumen, occult blood only this one nephrosis is clinical token appears, no matter be nephritis, still be nephrosis is asked for integratedly, hormone regards first selection medicaments as a large number of application. Very good result often can be obtained at the beginning of applying, short-term inside make albumen, occult blood disappears. But often a cold is met all one's previous efforts wasted, and the side-effect of hormone also is highlighted ceaselessly, inchoate nephritic disease also worsens ceaselessly in the iteration of the illness, develop kidney function finally not complete uremia.
Change from nephritic fiber those who restrain theory to use chronic kidney disease is clinical in hind, the doctoral expert group of hospital of nephrosis of blood of modern doctor of traditional Chinese medicine discovers Shijiazhuang, the functional kidney unit that is damaged only gets repair, its function gets rising, make nephritic function is able to restore, ability achieves cure the purpose with not whole function of chronic nephritis kidney. And should achieve above goal must Chinese traditional medicine of have the aid of originallies this rehabilitate. But hormone alleviates temporarily reaction of sex of the inflammation inside body, control illness evolutional function, still cannot oversight.
Considering use hormone for long, can make alternate adds its side effect the adverse effect that action photograph reduces. The doctoral expert group of hospital of nephrosis of blood of modern doctor of traditional Chinese medicine is in Shijiazhuang on the principle foundation that hormone treats chronic nephrosis, undertook observing and study one by one to all sorts of immunity depressor and cellular bane content. The combination that confirms immune depressor and cellular noxiousness medicaments via research applies, dot of can much target, all-around the ground undertakes to each focus of a disease one by one keeps clear of, rise to fight purpose of evolutional of illness of phlogistic short-term control.
In addition, chinese traditional medicine of combinative n/med the process of preparing Chinese medicine ensures kidney therapy, be opposite through what the active ingredient of Chinese traditional medicine of n/med the process of preparing Chinese medicine has inflammation sex gene destroys vivid, right degradation of the matrix outside the cell that already formed, the effect such as cell of repair kidney damage restrains the course that nephritic fiber changes. In the meantime, chinese traditional medicine of n/med the process of preparing Chinese medicine is outspread and hemal, reduce the kidney noxiousness of medicaments.

How do antigen and antibody cause the course that nephritic fiber changes:

Well-known, chronic nephritis is disease of a kind of immunity. It is the sex of a group of inflammation that the antigen inside body and antibody generation and the lopsided place that decompose cause reaction process. The following cent is narrated be antigen and antibody is how to cause inflammation reaction. A series of complex processes that immune system place stimulates to happen optionally after antigen enters airframe, immunity of the particularity that start is respondent. The process with particularity respondent immunity is quite complex, it is a successive process. Its substantially can divide for 3 phase:

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