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Nephrosis expert is expostulatory: Treating while institutional precaution

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Be in clinical on patient of great majority uremia, the psychology that wants agog cure good disease is understandable, but the illness is mixed easily by the interference of outside element restrict, constitution of together with itself is frail, the illness change wave motion of uremic patient is bigger, hiding likely even the factor that health of life of a few opposite has major effect. Although this kind of critical factor that hide was not shown come, but be breakneck however to uremic patient, must check urgently eliminate. Accordingly, zhang Ping of expert of ill division of hospital of nephrosis of blood of modern doctor of traditional Chinese medicine installs Shijiazhuang director, she is right " intervene ahead of schedule remedial uremia " did very good complement.

Checking all-aroundly is pair of patients is responsible

Come hospital of nephrosis of blood of modern doctor of traditional Chinese medicine accepts Shijiazhuang uremic patient great majority of cure is to come from at the other place. Very big the illness before the uremic crowd of one part is admitted to hospital already was very danger is serious, after the trip with long repass fatigueds, this very frail already body is one disaster after another more, happen along with the hazardous condition that endangers life from time to tome. Put these issues that be in in the light of the patient, to the uremic patient that is admitted to hospital first, through checking in the round the body the circumstance of each respect, adopt should appear effectively important all the more especially to measure.

The likelihood when additionally partial patient is admitted to hospital did not show danger to weigh an illness, but the circumstance of these uremic patients also nots allow hopeful. Check the body state that can make doctor understanding patient current, the potential and critical factor that digs disinter to affect patient life deep, those who have specific aim make the plan of diagnosis and treatment that defends disease to treat a disease.

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