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Is nephrosis syndrome common what amalgamative disease?
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⒈ infection: Because many immunity globulin is lost in make water oneself, serous albumen is reduced, affect antibody to form. The cortin reachs the application of cellular bane content, make resistance of patient whole body drops, produce infection extremely easily, like the skin make water of infection of peritonitis of sex of infection, former hair, respiratory tract, secrete fastens infection, cause septicemia even.

⒉ coronary heart disease: Nephrosis syndrome patient often has tall lipemia and state of haemal Gao Ning, because this is incidental coronary heart disease. Somebody reports the miocardial infarction occurence rate of nephrosis syndrome patient is 8 times higher than normal person. The 3rd factor that coronary heart disease already became nephrosis to solicit dead account integratedly (be next to infection and) of kidney function exhaustion.

⒊ thrombosis: Nephrosis syndrome patient is incidental thrombus, especially occurence rate of velar sex nephrosis can amount to 25 % ~ 40 % . The reason that forms thrombus has activity of oedema, patient fat of be retarded by silt of little, vein, tall blood, blood condenses make stick sluggish to spend increase, fibrinogen content is exorbitant reach factor of Ⅴ , Ⅶ , Ⅷ , Ⅹ to increase with use cortin blood easy happening Gao Ning condition.

Function of ⒋ acute kidney fails: Because nephrosis syndrome patient is disease of blood of a large number of albuminuria, low albumen, tall lipemia, area of ¨ of Gao Ning condition often is reached to spit at low blood capacity inside body, diarrhoea, use fight hypertensive medicine and diuretic when a large number of diuresis, can make quantity of nephritic blood perfusion decreases abruptly, make rate of kidney spherule filtration is reduced then, bring about exhaustion of acute kidney function. In addition, pledge between the kidney when nephrosis syndrome oedema, albumen condenses form a canal model jam the element such as kidney canaliculus, also can cause acute kidney function to fail.

⒌ electrolyte and metabolization are disorder: Use diuretic repeatedly or ban salt inconsequently for a long time, can make nephrosis asks for patient afterwards integratedly to send disease of low natrium blood; Use cortin and many diuretic bring about a large number of micturition, if fill not in time potassium, appear easily disease of low Potassium blood.