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Clinical cure nephrosis syndrome 80 analysises
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Broad nephrosis patient knows, nephrosis is asked for integratedly is the clinical disease that a variety of a group of pathogenies cause group, main with " disease of blood of tall lipemia, tall oedema, high protein make water, low albumen " 3 tall one low for the feature. If cannot get seasonable cure,nephrosis is asked for integratedly, cause kidney vein embolism extremely easily, appear abrupt anuresis, produce lobar embolism even and deadly; Patient of kidney put together is affected very easily also again and not easy control, bring about the outbreak of septicemia thereby; The patient that still has partial carelessness is sowed because of happening medicinal powder the cruor inside sexual blood-vessel and divest life.

In the light of a variety of clinical expression that nephrosis asks for integratedly, my courtyard was adopted " blame hormone blame is dialytic -- remedial nephrosis uremia " " immune answer kidney 4 couplet " therapeutics and " Chinese caterpillar fungus originallies this alexipharmic capsule " the process proceed with that waits for characteristic Chinese traditional medicine to break nephritic fiber to change from block, the of all kinds factor causing disease to causing nephrosis from go up at all give cleared, thereby block decides nephritic pathological change, cell of repair damage kidney, the quickest recovery of stimulative nephrosis. Reached my courtyard in Feburary 2005 now during March 2006, use " immune answer kidney 4 couplet " therapeutics and " Chinese caterpillar fungus originallies this alexipharmic capsule " the condition that treats patient of 80 nephrosis syndrome reports as follows:

80 nephrosis solicit a patient integratedly in, male 55 exemple, female 25, 18 ~ is 50 the age years old, average age is 34 years old. Through cure, the Morpheus of all patients, spirit, food all has improve substantially. Among them, uric albumen drops 2 - 3 () 75 people of patient, occupy 93.75 % , uric albumen turns 36 people of shade patient, occupy 45 % . The patient of 95 % is being accepted after treating 7 ~ 15 days, dropsy disappears basically. The patient leaves hospital the pay a return visit after two months, uric albumen turns shade patient patient's condition is stabilized continuously, without exasperate evidence; The others in 44 patients, 42 people by uric albumen () turn shade, occupy 95 % , among them because two patients maintain adverse, cause kidney vein embolism, return hospital cure again, the illness tends smooth.


Be in clinical in, the pathology type that causes nephrosis to be asked for integratedly is varied, sclerosis of spherule of kidney of sex of section of sex of kitchen of nephritis of spherule of kidney of sex of the hyperplasia that fasten film, bureau, and infection, medicaments or chemical material damage what cause nephrosis likely to be asked for integratedly to happen. Nevertheless, thinking on medicine at present basically is to suffer infection hind, immunity is formed inside human body complex matter, injured protective screen of negative electric charge of film of kidney spherule base, cause a large number of serous albumen leakage thereby, cause disease of low albumen blood, metabolization of oedema of then occurrence height, lipoprotein appears mussily tall lipemia. Right now the patient can have facial expression cadaverous, disgusting, vomiting, the bubble in appetite difference and make water is much wait for a symptom, as the development of the illness, each index of patient body also can move toward aggravation gradually. In clinical cure, because cure is undeserved,a lot of patients are, and development becomes kidney function not complete, cause a regret all one's life.
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