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The expert tells you; What is nephrosis syndrome?
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Nephrosis is asked for integratedly (abbreviation kidney put together) it is film of a variety of base of spherule of kidney of pathogeny be caused by connect the heighten that appear a gender, a large number of serous albumen are lost from inside make water, and a kind of syndrome that cause (disease group) . Clinical have the following 4 big characteristics:

A large number of ① albuminuria (> 3.5g/d) ;

Disease of blood of ② low albumen (30g/L) of < of hematic innocence albumen;

③ tall lipemia;

④ apparent oedema.

Have disease but urgent but delay, see more at children and adolescent, often be affected at infection of the upper respiratory tract, skin or overworked, catch cold catch cold is late ill. Cent is Benbingke to send gender and afterwards hair sex formerly two kinds big. The former nephrosis that send a gender is asked for integratedly is the clinical expression with the commonnest disease of spherule of the former kidney that send a gender. And the reason that afterwards sends sexual nephrosis to be asked for integratedly is more, commonly the nephritis of sex of lupus erythematosus of diabetic nephrosis, systematization, infection and medicaments nephrosis that cause is asked for integratedly. The pathology kind that the former nephrosis that send a gender imposes integratedly is more also, nephrosis of sex of nephrosis of sex of phase of nephrosis of sex of little pathological change, focus of a disease, film waits.

Modern medicine thinks all sorts of former hair the disease at kidney spherule, have the clinical show that nephrosis asks for integratedly possibly.

One. Clinical and main show;

(One) spend oedema oedema to often head again hair symptom, show systemic sex apparent oedema, point to pressure have cave. Serious patient can have pectoral water, ascites, when pectoral water, ascites relatively a long time can cause hernia of breathing difficulty, hilum or inguinal hernia. High oedema often accompanies make water to spend disease of azotic qualitative blood less, hypertensively, gently.

(2) a large number of albuminuria

A large number of albuminuria are nephrosis asks for the mainest show integratedly, uric albumen is qualitative much for ~ , the adult is daily uric albumen excretes ≥ 3. 5g / D, it is alternative albuminuria mostly.

(3) albumen of plasma of disease of low albumen blood drops, 30g/L of < of hematic innocence albumen, serious person insufficient 10g/L.

(4) tall lipemia

Hematic cholesterol, triglyceride all apparent heighten.

2. The complication that nephrosis asks for integratedly;

1. infection: Resistance of patient whole body drops, produce infection extremely easily, like the skin make water of infection of peritonitis of sex of infection, former hair, respiratory tract, secrete fastens infection, cause septicemia even.
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