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Clinical cure nephrosis to collect a result integratedly
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Patient: Wang Xiaohui, male, 3 years old, the Han nationality, person of city of Heibei Xing stage.

Advocate because of: Face ministry reachs dropsy of double lower limbs 2 days and on May 5, 2006 be in hospital of first time income. The circumstance when be admitted to hospital: In face ministry thick dropsy, double eyelid is bloated, without qualitative Dan Baihou, sound of double lung breath is thick, heartbeat 110 / cent, the law is neat strong, without murmur. Abdomen is bloated, namely examine shift sex is sonant () , spend in double lower limbs show sunken sex is bloated, each assay hints:

1, tall blood fat, glycerine 3 fat 3.5mmoL/L, total cholesterol 11.3 MmoL/L

2, disease of blood of serious low albumen, albumin 15g/L,

3, a large number of albuminuria, uric albumen (4) 24 hours of mensurable 5.9g, little patient nerve is dim, appetite not beautiful, cry be troubled by endlessly.

The condition treats after be admitted to hospital:

Via me courtyard expert group applies gene to change characteristic Chinese traditional medicine " Chinese caterpillar fungus originallies this alexipharmic soup 1, 3 " treat a day 2 times, and fall fat is fought coagulate, fight infection to wait for pair of disease processing, dropsy of whole body of the little patient after 5 days disappears basically, voiced sound of abdominal and mobile sex is shown (- ) , check after 15 days:

1, hematic fat is normal;

2, low albumen improvement, albumin 33g/L, adjacent and normal;

3, uric albumen turns completely shade, 24 hours of mensurable 0.12g, mind is good, appetite is good, morpheus is good also.

Comment on:

When nephrosis syndrome is in acute period, use strong step to control complication, if disease of blood of tall lipemia, low albumen, height is bloated,wait. My courtyard gene changes characteristic Chinese traditional medicine to be able to develop the constituent structure that its rehabilitate kidney is damaged, make uric albumen decreases quickly disappear, achieve cured goal. The kidney of a few damage organizes a structure to get repair, nephritic disease won't have a relapse again