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How the nephrosis syndrome that treats hard is controlled lived
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Patient: Zhang Yun, male, 28 years old, henan Shenyang red county

Advocate because oedema of double lower limbs accompanies half an year of increase of the bubble in make water,be admitted to hospital.

The patient is resulted from in Feburary 2006 portion, oedema of double lower limbs appears after the cold, reach mesa city hospitalization of hospital of the first people, diagnose ask for integratedly for nephrosis, give quiet place the root of red-rooted salvia, the root of remembranous milk vetch, prednisone of profess to convinced 12, use consecutively 8 week hind, check uric albumen turns shade, occult blood turns shade, begin to reduce an amount after, 2 weeks decrease 1, decrease check to 7 a short while uric convention albumen (2) , occult blood (1) , hind instead prednisone 10, uric albumen checks after taking a month (2) , occult blood (1) , curative effect not beautiful. Come to seek further treatment my courtyard.

After be admitted to hospital decrease hormone quickly, convert the answer kidney of my courtyard hospitalization of 4 couplet therapeutics after many days 20, uric albumen falls in the circumstance of hormone of out of service by when be admitted to hospital (2) decrease for (1) , occult blood turns shade, ration of albumen of 24 hours of make water falls by the 3.75g when be admitted to hospital for 0.55g, the illness improves, agree to leave hospital continue to treat.

Comment on: Nephrosis syndrome is a kind of kidney that causes by immune reaction is damaged, typical display is high oedema, a large number of albuminuria, disease of low albumen blood, tall lipemia, traditional hormone cure adopts the measure that orders its to express, mere can temporarily semiotic control improves, but complex to the immunity in the kidney matter does not have any cleared action, the prime cause of disease of place as a result fails purify, have a relapse more easily. Complex matter eliminates a these immunity with my OK and very good Chinese traditional medicine go out, from go up at all repair kidney already the base film of damaged, reduce the leakage of the albumen in make water thereby. After kidney spherule gets essential rehabilitate, have a relapse not easily.