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Treat nephrosis syndrome, call you to say curative effect
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Patient: Yang Peng, male, 27 years old, master graduate student

Advocate because durative face reachs dropsy of double lower limbs a month, income hospital.

The patient before resulting from a month appears the 2nd times after overworked drinks face and dropsy of double lower limbs, to point to sunken sex, skin insecurity shines, companion the bosom is frowsty in the morning the symptom such as be discouraged, the patient sees a doctor at local clinic, give diuretic profess to convinced (specific reach dosage with medicine unspecified) , dropsy of 3 Queen of heaven relatively before reduce, but exist continuously, perplex patient life and study badly, and see a doctor at local city hospital. The convention that check make water shows: Uric albumen () , but kidney function examination is behaved without damaged, and open medicine to be diuretic to the patient, fight coagulate medicaments application, already began to apply hormone 50mg, , morning rises to be taken suddenly. After a month, patient dropsy did not see drop apparently, uric albumen is fluctuant at () ~ () between, the patient suffers ailment to torment, come to beg examine further my courtyard sees a doctor.

Patient in all hospitalization 30 days, clinical besides take Pan Shengding day 3 times, xin Fa he lows, outside be being taken late suddenly, apply me 4 couplet therapeutics treats courtyard answer kidney a month, since be in hospital, albumen of patient make water turns shade, and agree with a patient to leave hospital cure coming home, but the curative effect of enjoin patient Chinese traditional medicine depends on film of base of repair kidney spherule, achieve the goal of albumen of proper pass the time in a leisurely way thereby, in this one process, uric albumen may electronegative now and then, do not be Chinese traditional medicine curative effect of a month and make uric albumen turns shade and excessive excitement, should continue to hold to reoccupy small change Chinese traditional medicine to treat 3 months, such uric albumen just can turn thoroughly shade, after coming home, we hold to phone pay a return visit, albumen of patient make water did not have a relapse again.

Comment on: Because patient nephrosis is integrated,the occurrence of uric albumen is damage of film of base of spherule of the kidney after asking for is caused, hold to blindly although,take hormone can brief elimination albumen, but cannot treat from essential and aspirant travel, we pass film of base of spherule of proper repair kidney only, ability achieves the goal of disappear albumen finally, when the patient treats a disease, must distinguish please " mark " with " this " , treat a disease should treat this one reason, when remedial nephrosis is asked for integratedly, uric albumen disappears is take temporary solution only, should repair kidney makes uric albumen disappears thoroughly.

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