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How are a large number of albumen controlled in time
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Comment on: This patient comes on this because blood of classics of a large number of bacteria after the cold, virus arrives at nephritic base film circularly,inducement is apparently, antigen and antibody are united in wedlock, form a large number of immunity complex matter, make base film is destroyed, leak outside a large number of albumen. Hospital of nephrosis of blood of modern doctor of traditional Chinese medicine is in Shijiazhuang after Western medicine is handled to disease, apply the gene Chinese traditional medicine of contemporary high-tech, be aimed at focus of a disease, from keep clear of at all its are many immunity is compound content, restrain the leakage outside a large number of albumen in plasma, raise serous albumen, make bloated subsidise, increase uric amount, improve circulation of gastric bowel blood, increase haemal perfusion, from go up at all remedial disease, administer thoroughly.

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