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Treat nephrosis to give a patient option here

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"Those who thank a doctor remind, we are certain after going back comply with your enjoin, stop to be defeated by dextrose medicine fluid instantly. " on March 18, 2007 9 when, shijiazhuang is contemporary expert of doctor of hospital of nephrosis of blood of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine 2 rooms, the Mao Xinlu that comes from Guangzhou is allowing to thank again and again democratically to Zhangze of adviser of outpatient service doctoral student. Be in those who end two hours " make an on-the-spot investigation " hind, wool records what have feeling quite newly to express: "Shijiazhuang is contemporary sincere letter type runs hospital of nephrosis of blood of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine the mode of the courtyard really patient of press close to, it alleviated a variety of apprehension that we see a doctor, if again can some more such hospital is good, only such, patient ability gets more material benefit. Patient ability gets more material benefit..

Mao Xinlu is the family member of a patient of irritability purpura nephritis, he comes to a hospital this seek advice from an illness for the little brother of sicken designedly. Mao Xinlu's little brother was discovered irritability is purpuric last year, treating a disease in the process, the patient's illness develops nephritis of irritability purpura sex very quickly. When treating a month, mao Xinlu discovers the little brother's illness and do not have how old improvement, what make him anxious more is, the little brother is treating a disease hypertension appeared again in the process, blood sugar is elevatory wait for a series of undesirable symptoms, this is one disaster after another undoubtedly to the patient's cure. But local hospital doctor does not take this seriously, but cannot make logical explanation again, mao Xinlu and domestic person are fraught.

Later, mao Xinlu from be informed over there a patient, heibei province has hospital of specialized subject of nephrosis of a large blood -- Shijiazhuang is contemporary hospital of nephrosis of blood of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, this courtyard in domestic initiate sincere letter type does courtyard new pattern, allow patient and family member to reach a hospital outpatient service, ill area, collect fees the different branch such as place is visited, executive vitrification treats way. Mao Xinlu and domestic person were holding the psychology that have a try in the arms to drive Shijiazhuang to hospital of nephrosis of blood of modern doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, be worth at that time close on March 18 morning 9 when.

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