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Specialized subject hospital talks about nephrosis to be treated correctly

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Speak of nephritic disease, uremia, authority is not new, but canvass rises, people often very ambiguous. At present China has ill patient of thousand nearly 2 kidney, the problem on a lot of cure is perplexing them, add on a few irresponsible businessmen to be certain this " business chance " fish in troubled waters, careless misdirect, the cure that causes nephritic disease and idea are very confused. Is nephrosis, uremia incurable disease really? Whether does remedial kidney disease have the remedial method that makes a patient satisfactory more? Does nephritic disease treat conduct propaganda what to error needs patient vigilance at present? Taking these question, the author interviewed Shijiazhuang dean of hospital of nephrosis of blood of modern doctor of traditional Chinese medicine Professor Wang Jiangong, Professor Wang Jianfeng, Professor Zhang Zemin, ask them to be everybody especially nephritic ill patient makes it clear that a few faintness are known.


Reporter: Current, the medicaments items that treats nephritic disease socially is various, a lot of allege have peculiar curative effect, are these advertisement authentic?

Wang Jiangong: The medicaments sort that treats nephritic disease now is increasing, not be evildoing. But the key is what medicine. We hope, effective remedy jumps over the scientific research with rigorous course, many clinical test and verify to had been jumped over more. But the clinical test and verify with a lot of many without the course medicaments, and on the effect conduct propaganda overdoes, say to wanted to take this kind of drug only instantly medicine is divided to disease, never have a relapse etc. The conduct propaganda of some medicaments by hook and crook, playing the banner of expert of famous medical establishment, famous doctor, say someone is such-and-such medicaments development " presiding doctor expert " , and actually, do not know even these him people when to he become advertisement shop sign of the family, it is indescribable simply, deceive people purely. Some of this kind of case appears with Chinese traditional medicine or form of Western medicine cure, also some forms that taste with health care appear, this created the confused situation that nephritic disease treats.

Reporter: The businessman uses the embarrassment of nephritic ill patient, be needed to advertise with respect to its conduct propaganda, what misdirect can you still produce?

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