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Why nephrosis becomes world medicine difficult problem

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Remedial kidney disease has two collective difficulty. It is sluggish of block of kidney spherule sclerosis. Because patient kidney is damaged (include medicaments to injure) , the cell inside kidney is big denaturation, necrotic, cause immunity complex matter piles up in great quantities, cause sluggish of kidney spherule sclerosis, block finally, kidney function is lost stage by stage. This is the common final result that a variety of nephrosis have the gender develops. 2 it is the pathological changes outside kidney. Because kidney function is not complete, create human body metabolization is disorder, cause systemic other viscera to come on. The pathological changes outside kidney accentuates conversely again nephritic pathological changes. Form vicious circle. Because this wants to resolve these 2 difficulty, no matter the sort of therapeutics, must have at the same time the following 3 kinds of effect. It is: Medicaments should have cleared kidney inside harmful deposit, cell of kidney of repair second birth changes sluggish is the function that connect. 2 be: Medicaments has systemic recuperation even, metabolize evenly, improve condition of kidney outer shroud, solve or alleviate the function of complication, change the vicious circle of airframe is benign loop. 3 be: Medicaments must safe, do not have any poisonous side-effect to the kidney. At present the whole world has not had above at the same time the medicaments of 3 kinds of effect, accordingly nephrosis is called world medicine difficult problem. For example: Western medicine medicaments. Because Western medicine is chemical, big to the poisonous side-effect of kidney, and cannot use drug; And property of a medicine is onefold, recuperate all over hard, more cannot abiding with medicine. The hormone therapeutics of Western medicine, easy generation dependence; Of Western medicine " dialytic law " , insoluble basic problem, can maintain life only. Again for example: Chinese traditional medicine of profess to convinced. No more than is soup, piece, capsule, bolus, powder, it is to want to be digested via stomach, bowel absorb, ability of property of a medicine enters vein to arrive at focus of a disease. However in terminal nephrosis patient, the organ such as stomach, bowel already the function is damaged, some patients cannot drink a decoction of medicinal ingredients, can take bit of Chinese traditional medicine already, absorb ability of property of a medicine to differ; Absorb namely a bit, when carrying nephrosis position, its dosage very little. Because remedial nephrosis effect also pays no attention to Chinese traditional medicine of this profess to convinced,think. How does specialized subject hospital treat nephrosis uremia to break through above difficulty? Nearly hundred years come, reviewing Western medicine to treat the method of nephrosis is fixedder, patient and medical personnel figure ground says for " hormone -- dialytic -- change kidney " " trilogy " . In Western medicine respect, the method that treats uremia basically is the kidney replaces therapeutics, functional play of the kidney did not come out, look for an ab extra kidney to replace, the kidney with flat perhaps and direct new transplanting continues to work, what what say at ordinary times namely is dialytic (blood is peritoneal and dialytic, dialytic) , kidney transplant. Since be to replace therapeutics, the effect that its produce also can be the exercise kidney function that replace and takes the place of only, got the play of nephritic function through outside force brief " emersion " , but time is long, it is sure the function that has pity on at that o'clock of remaining of meeting general kidney also is squeezed. Then, be in long-term pure and dialytic in, little atrophy is dropped like the itself of functional elephant kidney of nephritic remaining, lose a function finally completely, produce any effect no longer, what differ with Western medicine is, the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine talks the guidance that studies a principle to fall in differentiate card, what adopt on cure is " see disease thinks of card of source, differentiate to apply treat, cent theory treat, use drug to disease, treat a disease beg this, administer thoroughly " principle, according to the patient's different illness, medical history, constitution, choose pair of different disease remedy. In different level of cure, the treatment with different inflict, break out like what fasten a disease in kidney period, with clearing airframe toxin is urgent, help up be complementary; Stabilize in the disease period, criterion in order to increase airframe immunity power, recuperation of invigorate the circulation of blood is given priority to, combine contemporary high-tech to pass the noxiousness of original Chinese traditional medicine distinctive treatment n/med the process of preparing Chinese medicine to achieve without side-effect, achieve Chinese traditional medicine of tradition of admirable curative effect to treat nephritic disease to existing thereby a lot of inadequacy: 1. The effective treatment class status in traditional Chinese traditional medicine, only fry in shallow oil relying on water is given not easily by sufficient simmer in water; 2. Even if can decoct gives effectiveness part, also be like next defect: (1) stomach of easy stimulation of Chinese traditional medicine of long-term profess to convinced, use up gastric juice to be able to produce the side effect such as disgusting, vomiting, inappetence in great quantities; (2) after medicaments enters human body, significant component solubility is low, use inadequate. (3) can be aimed at a kidney only, and cannot be aimed at focus of a disease; Significant component and affinity of focus of a disease are low; Place of focus of a disease and the medicaments chroma that other health organizes are identical; Active ingredient availability is low, due medical effect cannot get sufficient play. 3. The inadequacy of traditional medicaments oneself, restricting Chinese traditional medicine to cannot develop due efficiency adequately, not be medicaments incorrect disease, however medicaments deeply disease. Consequently, this also is traditional Chinese traditional medicine the place that treats key of unfavorable of effect of nephritic ill uremia. Gene is distinctive therapeutics and photograph of method of traditional nephrosis treatment compare the Chinese traditional medicine of n/med the process of preparing Chinese medicine having 6 large dominant positions: 1. Guide channel is much: Through profess to convinced, rectum, point, main and collateral channels much channel arrives directly at medicaments focus of a disease; 2. Chroma of medicaments active ingredient is big: Medicaments is enhanced by twice of the active ingredient after n/med the process of preparing Chinese medicine, medicine of extremely easy penetrable block up, enter the obstacle area of focus of a disease. Determine according to the expert, gene is distinctive the effective remedy of 95% can arrive directly at the Chinese traditional medicine of n/med the process of preparing Chinese medicine nephritic focus of a disease. 3. Without side-effect: Medicaments enters the process of focus of a disease, avoided medicaments to the element to gastric bowel and be stimulated hepaticly, won't cause the symptom such as disgusting, vomiting, anorexia so. 4. Affinity is strong: By gene new price is made after the Chinese traditional medicine of distinctive n/med the process of preparing Chinese medicine be good at structure, together with Chinese traditional medicine of oneself put in classics action 's charge, show fine affinity to focus of a disease. 5. Solubility is tall: After medicaments classics is handled, the active ingredient of medicaments is absorbed very quickly by human body, get effective consequently fast, its speed surpasses Western medicine. 6. Remedial effect is good: The Chinese traditional medicine after distinctive n/med the process of preparing Chinese medicine treats gene active ingredient spills over adequately, solved the species degenerate problem that waits for natural condition place to bring because of atmosphere environment aggravation not only, the application that solved antibiotic at the same time makes traditional Chinese traditional medicine the recipe is not applicable the problem of modern disease demand, the advantage of the effect a permanent cure gets Chinese traditional medicine be reflected adequately then.

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