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What is a vicious person manipulating sb or sth from behind the scenes that brin

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Patient of a lot of nephrosis is in process of go to a doctor, can have such doubt: How is my nephrosis gotten? Right now the doctor's answer often fumbles. Because be in,we never have the relevant account of pair of nephrosis pathogenies and development in the medical data of a bring into contact with, or account is relatively general.

In recent years, concerned nephrosis medical worker is in all the time devote oneself to to come on to the kidney the research of pathology, the hope can develop what nephrosis finds out in the process to come on from nephrosis prime criminal. Because all expert learned man is reasonable, unidentified pathogeny, cannot restrain the dead acupuncture point that its grow namely, restrain its pharynx and larynx, the cure of nephrosis also will be become theoretic! So, what is a vicious person manipulating sb or sth from behind the scenes of this one behind the curtain after all?

After a SARS at the beginning of this century passes, the research that medical bound changes to organic fiber is pushed to an unprecedented climax, arrive deep by the organization as each organ cellular research, appeared to make investigator hearten and glad research achievement. It is pair of liver fibrous research above all, searched a worry the liver disease with medical old worker comes on cause of formation:

Liver essence is long-term and rather than is big metamorphism (metamorphic, necrotic) , cause proliferation of fiber mother cell, generation fiber, fiber hyperplasia thrust deep into the enemy forces, break up liver flocculus, rebuild the structure of liver.

The connective tissue inside liver is unusually proliferous, with collagen fiber, stretch fiber and matrix composition amino polysaccharide hyperplasia is given priority to, more it is with collagen fiber hyperplasia outstanding. The pathology characteristic that liver fiber changes is collect there are many fibre hyperplasia and deposit inside abbacy and liver flocculus, but have not form the interval inside flocculus, liver cirrhosis has false flocculus to form, central vein area and collect abbacy occurrence interval, the normal structure of liver is destroyed, liver fiber changes further progress to be liver cirrhosis namely.

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