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Nephrosis patient overcomes oneself difficulty, eagerly contribution heart faste

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The 8 level that plain county will produce Sichuan short of Wenshui River on May 12 are especially big earthquake, astonished international society, more achieve painful the heart of each Chinese. A few days come, the unit of all trades and professions, individual waited to reach the hand that love helps, the brotherly sister that is disaster area gives money richly, exert oneself strongly, oath changes distress tear the minister of spirit and materially, the life that is them against time creates existent possibility.

Outside the mark of countless feeling human affairs that reports besides every day TV, newspaper, one act still has the one screen that produces beside us to produce your person to touch very a lot of more...

It is difficult that one party has, all directions is assisted, arteries and veins of phlogistic yellow blood is linked together performance is more vivid and right now impressive, even if patient of the nephrosis that become seriously ill, blood disease also is in it is love of dedication of disaster area people, contribution silently to fight calamity.

The numerous patient that is hard up to treat nephrosis, blood disease, the body that although face his to suffer from,weighs disease is depressed, but, to can make far in seismic disaster area more people survive, for disaster area people can as early as possible rebuild home, also reached the hand of altruistic aid resolutely, the money of a piece of Zhang Shan that they leave him scrape up, put raise donations case. . . . . .

Although our serious illness is in personally, but we are living still, long for life for those, the struggles for an instant brethrens that living or die in life and death, we...

Although I am small still, do not know the seriousness of nephrosis, but I know what is death and disaster, my love is not as little as adult... nephrosis, blood disease is OK of conquer, same earthquake calamity also is OK of conquer, any difficulty below the brilliant leader in the party are OK of conquer! Want our all the people of one mind only, unitive cooperation, without what OK block breaks us ongoing pace...
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