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Got nephrosis how to choose way of right go to a doctor
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Often the patient asks about such problem: "Got nephrosis, should go which section office sees a doctor, can you be kidney internal medicine only? " , " if oneself got diabetic nephrosis, be to should arrive internal medicine or kidney internal medicine? " etc, be aimed at above problem, our specially invited hospital of nephrosis of countrywide famous blood -- hospital of nephrosis of blood of modern doctor of traditional Chinese medicine Dean Wang Jianfeng assistant is Shijiazhuang everybody explains in detail.

Doctoral student adviser solves:

Chronic nephrosis patient sees a doctor and do not go surely kidney internal medicine, what should send reason and complication formerly according to its is different, the section office that goes differring sees a doctor. If hypertensive patient goes seeing a heart physician, the diabetic goes seeing endocrine family doctor, gouty, lupus erythematosus goes seeing rheumatism family doctor, kidney stone ill patient goes seeing secrete make water surgeon, diabetic, hypertensive ill patient still needs to see oculist. But doctoral student adviser still expresses, because nephritic disease causes a variety of complication in terminal meeting, and a variety of diseases also can cause nephritic damage, cause nephritic disease. So the patient goes merely after sicken a section office saw a doctor to appear malpractice, its cannot undertake know and be diagnosticed in the light of integral illness of the patient, will appear " have a headache foot of painful medical service of cure head, base " situation, still can bring about a large number of patients by accident examine, leakage examine, quicken chronic nephrosis thereby to eventually the development of evening uremia.

And the awkward situation that the nephrosis that the occurrence of hospital of nephrosis specialized subject solved above to appear treats. Current, as social all trades and professions specialization with each passing day, hospital of nephrosis specialized subject grows quickly also and occupy position in medical treatment industry gradually, while its are developing what medical treatment technology pays attention to in the process to rise, still strengthened the construction of medical treatment team, still advanced the idea of whole family doctor: "The forefront bodyguard that whole family doctor is chronic nephrosis prevention and cure " . They think hospital of nephrosis specialized subject should strengthen whole family doctor above all groom, make they produce enthusiasm and initiative adequately, this will be chronic nephrosis inchoate prevention and cure lays next solid foundations. Because whole family doctor is right,a lot of chronic kidney disease have the opportunity of direct contact, often " head examine doctor " ; And the development of the construction as specialized subject hospital and whole family doctor, many nephrosis patient faces the possibility whole family doctor above all when nephrosis hospital sees a doctor, because of hospital of this nephrosis specialized subject doctor of very whole family it is very important that this closes, and the crucial place that this also is nephrosis of prevention and cure, doctoral student adviser thinks this will be broken " look for large hospital to treat nephrosis " channel of traditional go to a doctor, initiate nephrosis to specialization new phase of cure!
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