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With the fact hospital of proof specialized subject treats nephrosis after all h
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One. How do we treat nephrosis? 1. Our medicaments Shijiazhuang is contemporary hospital of nephrosis of blood of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine is to use the Chinese traditional medicine of gene n/med the process of preparing Chinese medicine to treat nephrosis. Gene handles Chinese traditional medicine the technology is Shijiazhuang the original creation technology of hospital of nephrosis of blood of modern doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, its core is, pass original Chinese traditional medicine gene technology is distinctive n/med the process of preparing Chinese medicine, the significant component that yields Chinese traditional medicine spills over adequately, raised the penetrability of Chinese traditional medicine thereby, make its arrive directly at focus of a disease quickly. Traditional Chinese traditional medicine often exists with macromolecule form, and the cell that there is a kind to gobble up macromolecule material again in haemal circulatory system. Such, it is the medicaments treating kidney that should enter a kidney originally, can be in enter a kidney previously and be gobbled up. Deposit long is many in can entering the medical effect of fraction medicaments of the kidney to cope with kidney spherule feebly at all again immunity is compound content. And because the Chinese traditional medicine after gene changed original active ingredient, just can avoid place of the cell that be gobbled up to gobble up. Additional, the kidney is special the viscera that close, the outerest it is the corneous layer with a very close quality of a material, can completely cut off other is of all kinds material receives a kidney, in order to assure nephritic system close move. And the Chinese traditional medicine after gene is handled, because active ingredient had been head and shoulders above the outer and coriaceous density that normal organ organizes, had penetrable kidney completely the ability of coriaceous film, this can pass rectum to give drug directly, increased to give medicine the way, make medicaments penetrable the kidney is coriaceous film and nonstop kidney organization is in-house. 2. Chinese traditional medicine of our therapeutics gene n/med the process of preparing Chinese medicine therapeutics, it is to spreading disease of regnant cure kidney, uremic Chinese traditional medicine group on square foundation, use gene to handle a technology, the Chinese traditional medicine after using gene n/med the process of preparing Chinese medicine the live thing of active ingredient is characteristic, in the light of nephritic pathological changes the organization undertakes invigorate the circulation of blood discharges poison to know wind, fu Zhengqu evil and solid give birth to a kind of new particularity to treat the method of nephritic disease originally. Its characteristic is: Specialize in organization of nephritic pathological changes, to nephritic pathological changes the organization has target to fixed position, thoroughly cleared immunity is compound the action of content and necrotic organization, have cleared and complete, action is strong, curative effect is tall and abiding characteristic. Chinese traditional medicine of gene n/med the process of preparing Chinese medicine therapeutics is nephritic disease, therapeutics of a kind of innovation. Chinese traditional medicine of gene n/med the process of preparing Chinese medicine the core technology of therapeutics is after having the Chinese traditional medicine that treats nephrosis gene technical divisions manages, through profess to convinced, clyster, point, main and collateral channels much channel enters focus of a disease, combine applied Western medicine to be treated to disease, use blood when necessary dialytic with peritoneal and dialytic cure. 3. The of all kinds kidney that place of all sorts of the reason that cause disease bring about our theory is ill, the illness develops chronic kidney function not complete, pursueing its matter is caused. After because nephritic fiber is changed,be being formed, destroyed healthy kidney tissue, injured kidney function, aggravate the illness makes progress. Fiber changes a process to be able to bring about nephritic cicatrization, fiber changes the forfeiture of the functional kidney unit that causes, final meeting makes the illness makes progress eventually evening kidney failure. Hospital of nephrosis of blood of modern doctor of traditional Chinese medicine was organizing Shijiazhuang to undertake about the expert scientific research tackles key problem, discover the former Chinese traditional medicine that treating kidney failure and uremia has a few Chinese traditional medicine to have very strong active ingredient in preparation, these active ingredient can restrain all sorts of bringing about have factor of kidney noxiousness cell that what nephritic fiber changes effectively release, restrain nephritic fiber effectively to change a course thereby. In addition, active ingredient still can participate in these Chinese traditional medicine promote have not the rehabilitate of the nephritic cell that complete fiber changes, activation the primary function of these cells, make the nephritic cell of damage restores its metabolization function afresh. In the Shijiazhuang on this foundation hospital of nephrosis of blood of modern doctor of traditional Chinese medicine formed distinctive remedial theory----Nephritic fiber is changed restrain theory " immune answer kidney " comprehensive treatment. Pass Chinese traditional medicine namely active ingredient restrains nephritic fiber to change a course, treat all sorts of nephrosis, uremia. 2. Why are we treated so? Traditional Chinese traditional medicine treats nephritic disease to existing a lot of inadequacy: 1. The effective treatment class status in traditional Chinese traditional medicine, only fry in shallow oil relying on water is given not easily by sufficient simmer in water; 2. Even if can decoct gives effectiveness part, also be like next defect: (1) stomach of easy stimulation of Chinese traditional medicine of long-term profess to convinced, use up gastric juice to be able to produce the side effect such as disgusting, vomiting, inappetence in great quantities; (2) after medicaments enters human body, significant component solubility is low, use inadequate. (3) can be aimed at a kidney only, and cannot be aimed at focus of a disease; Significant component and affinity of focus of a disease are low; Place of focus of a disease and the medicaments chroma that other health organizes are identical; Active ingredient availability is low, due medical effect cannot get sufficient play. 3. The inadequacy of traditional medicaments oneself, restricting Chinese traditional medicine to cannot develop due efficiency adequately, not be medicaments incorrect disease, however medicaments deeply disease. Consequently, this also is traditional Chinese traditional medicine the place that treats key of unfavorable of effect of nephritic ill uremia. Gene is distinctive therapeutics and photograph of method of traditional nephrosis treatment compare the Chinese traditional medicine of n/med the process of preparing Chinese medicine having 6 large dominant positions: 1. Guide channel is much: Through profess to convinced, rectum, point, main and collateral channels much channel arrives directly at medicaments focus of a disease; 2. Chroma of medicaments active ingredient is big: Medicaments is enhanced by twice of the active ingredient after n/med the process of preparing Chinese medicine, medicine of extremely easy penetrable block up, enter the obstacle area of focus of a disease. Determine according to the expert, gene is distinctive the effective remedy of 95% can arrive directly at the Chinese traditional medicine of n/med the process of preparing Chinese medicine nephritic focus of a disease. 3. Without side-effect: Medicaments enters the process of focus of a disease, avoided medicaments to the element to gastric bowel and be stimulated hepaticly, won't cause the symptom such as disgusting, vomiting, anorexia so. 4. Affinity is strong: By gene new price is made after the Chinese traditional medicine of distinctive n/med the process of preparing Chinese medicine be good at structure, together with Chinese traditional medicine of oneself put in classics action 's charge, show fine affinity to focus of a disease. 5. Solubility is tall: After medicaments classics is handled, the active ingredient of medicaments is absorbed very quickly by human body, get effective consequently fast, its speed surpasses Western medicine. 6. Remedial effect is good: The Chinese traditional medicine after distinctive n/med the process of preparing Chinese medicine treats gene active ingredient spills over adequately, solved the species degenerate problem that waits for natural condition place to bring because of atmosphere environment aggravation not only, the application that solved antibiotic at the same time makes traditional Chinese traditional medicine the recipe is not applicable the problem of modern disease demand, the advantage of the effect a permanent cure gets Chinese traditional medicine be reflected adequately then. 3. Nephritic disease can control what rate after all: Whether cure nephrosis speaks of from the essential pathogeny of nephrosis even. Nephritic function arrives by health attaint, till the function is lost advance gradually process is the course that nephritic fiber changes. All sorts of the primary affection that cause nephritic disease because or because the secondary affection causes scathing hind to the kidney, make the kidney releases a series of kidney noxiousness phlogistic sex medium, caused reaction of sex of the inflammation inside kidney, make at the same time pledge between kidney inside change into flesh to become fiber cell into fiber cell. Flesh becomes fiber cell is the crucial cell that causes nephritic fiber to change. It secretes complex collagen fiber not easy by degradation, because the collagen inside the kidney synthesizes the unbalance with degradation, the matrix outside making many cell finally is accumulative inside nephritic organization at piling up. This is nephritic fiber change fashion a process. Nephritic fiber changes cent to be two period: It is nephritic fiber is changed those who form is reversible period. Level of damage of this phase kidney is opposite lighter, it is the initial stage that nephritic organization is damaged only, nephrosis patient does not have any symptoms in this period, be discovered not easily, when uric fluid is checked only ability sees slight index changes. Through process of longer a development, patient nephrosis will develop continuously, appear a series of symptoms are like lack of power, tall blood, undertake sexual dropsy, anaemia, constant companion has disgusting, vomiting, many albuminuria, hematuria, nitrogen of hematic flesh anhydride, urea is shown undertake the gender lifts. The characteristic with this the greatest period: Nephritic fiber is changed forming is reversible inside this period. If be in the process of make a diagnosis and give treatment of this period,the rate that changes to nephritic fiber sleeps lightly the analytic judgement that reachs the designated position objectively, adopt the remedy of effective, it is completely OK that nephritic fiber is changed changeover. The injury of the pathology change that causes from this and kidney function also can be cured completely. If patient patient's condition can be in,gain in time cure and control right now that is to say, the function of the kidney unit that is damaged this part restores afresh, restrain the further progress that nephritic fiber changes, the patient's illness can get changeover, greet the rehabilitation of the disease. Patient bell strong mark, shandong saves Qingdao 3 bright passerby (postcode: 266071) , suffer from chronic nephritis, in me the courtyard gives profess to convinced Chinese traditional medicine, combinative rectum uses drug, cooperating acupuncture point to stick medicine, western medicine is handled to disease, use the characteristic treatment of my courtyard at the same time, active ingredient aims Chinese traditional medicine directly cure of nephritic focus of a disease. Albumen of the make water after treating 2 months and uric occult blood turn shade, consolidate after treating half an year, recover. 2 it is nephritic fiber those who change is not reversible period. This period means nephritic fiber to change had entered cicatrization period, the pathology injury of this period is not reversible. The patient's illness has entered uremia eventually evening, play havoc with as a result of what kidney organizes a structure, cause the many poison inside patient system already cannot outside eduction body, inside human body accumulation injured each viscera of the body. Clinical go up to if the bosom is frowsty, flustered,often accompany the symptom that has a series of symptoms of uremia and much viscera damage, cannot make the same score lie symptom of exhaustion of function waiting for a heart, severe anemia, hypertensive, electrolyte is mixed mussily acid is toxic. But if fiber of the kidney inside this period changes formation scar to have not be over,complete drag in arrives all kidney unit, that is to say still stays have quite the remaining kidney unit of one part, have remaining kidney function. Want to seize strong opportunity only, adopt effective remedy actively, organic still meeting promotes the second birth of remaining kidney unit and rehabilitate likely, remaining kidney function also can restore, to moment patient still can normal life and job. Patient Qi Changcheng, the person in brilliance of Hunan Province the Changsha City (postcode: 410005) , be in dialytic, during changing kidney, holding the manner that have a try in the arms to come my courtyard cure. Anhydride of flesh of nitrogen of the urea when be admitted to hospital, blood is as high as respectively 48 with 2180, the kidney is 4 times it is normal to be equivalent to more unusual. Through 90 days of cure two index fall for 18 with 410, kidney is swollen disappear basically, quantity of patient make water increases, the life can provide for oneself completely.

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