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Illume Olympic the light of 5 annulus
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The Christian era on March 24, 2008, before hertz pulls fane, baal Apollo illumed the Chinese nation hundred years expected Olympic emperor fire. That momently Olympic Games ideal begins to enlighten whole world. "Same a world is same a dream " , the whole world has deep love for peace, advocate the people of Olympic Games spirit is paying close attention to China of Beijing of Olympic Games, attention, attention. Had held this grand meeting successfully, it is Chinese important matter, also be us the important matter of each Chinese people. Regard China as the citizen, we besides feel pride is mixed proud beyond, we should understand Olympic Games, care Olympic Games more, walk into an Olympic Games, participate in Olympic Games of Olympic Games of Olympic Games, support Olympic Games, conduct propaganda, service, pull a hand with the Olympic Games.

Dawn of Gu Bai of dust Er • once was in the father skin of contemporary Olympic a such word has said in the speech: "The essence of the life is not to ask for, struggle however. " every time I see TV is broadcasted go to an Olympic Games match when, be touched by place of Olympic Games spirit. When the hurdle race like lightning of Liu Xiang of Asian flying person when; gains the championship to wrap around personally in Olympic Games competition ground when Wang Junxia when the Five-Star Red Flag is celebrated, ; uses spotless force and beautiful conquer when Liu Xuan all commissioners when; is become Kong Linghui make vigorous efforts to turn the situation, when the ensign before the bosom is being kissed after gaining the championship, ; goes all out in work when women's volleyball solidarity, courageously try to be the first when, my heart also follows Olympic Games hero to be in emerge move with proud. However, I understand deeply, their touching place is champion and gold merely by no means, and result from they are dangerous and difficult road of hardship of conquer of ideal of implementation Olympic Games and struggling spirit. We are not athletes, cannot be surmounted like the athlete in that way to Olympic Games competition ground, go gallopping. But, we can be in the life and job to Olympic Games good athlete same with " taller, faster, stronger " go going after for the target go dedicating. Conscientious on oneself working station, cautious and conscientious, ground of willingly bear the burden of hard works goes paying, finishing every job job also is to be Olympic Games add lustre to to buy variety. Go understanding an Olympic Games, go paying close attention to an Olympic Games, go publicizing an Olympic Games, go to those who receive the Olympic Games holding with good working outstanding achievement, receive the sports top-notch player that comes from world each country, the sports grand meeting that shares whole world people 4 years, this kind of effort outside Olympic Games competition ground, be also a kind of success that harvested gold?
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