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Send sexual oedema especially " rehabilitation case of illness

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Chen Ximei, female, 45 years old.

Private prosecution a few months will work nervous, very fatigue, every afternoon, double leg is bloated, press with the hand press can sunken give away. The fellow says she sufferred from " nephritis " , because the job is busy, fail to manage to find time on hospital inspection, be in only street one private clinic opens Chinese traditional medicine to take. Time spent two months again, now symptom more very. What Dan Ji blames is, whenever rest on Sunday,be in the home, to compensate the exhaustion when going to work, the United States sleeps beautifully after shut-eye, unexpectedly another oedema also was done not have.

She is taking a lot of doubt to seek advice at that time, through be being maintained after the detailed examination of experts, her oedema is not nephritis to cause, however one kind as a result of endocrine disorder be caused by " send sexual oedema especially " . Hind, classics expert group people after specific consultation, the decision is carried out to its " answer kidney 4 couplet law " reach the characteristic Chinese traditional medicine that takes my courtyard " wintry bug detoxify originallies this soup 2 " cure, the effect is apparent, oedema disappears, spirit is a lot of more not bad. Can add continue to consolidate cure, the phone is followed visit everything] normal.

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