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Need not it is better that hormone treats nephrosis to ask for curative effect i

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Patient, zhang Yongjun male, 23 years old, heibei saves person of county of city of Shijiazhuang goldenrain tree.

The patient is asked for integratedly for nephrosis at was being diagnosed via local hospital in May 2002, ever gave during hospitalization " prednisone 12 / day " take suddenly, albumen of the make water after 30 days turns shade, follow the doctor's advice the rule after leaving hospital reduces an amount, but nephrosis asks for the 5th month hind that the patient reduces an amount at prednisone integratedly to appear again recrudesce. Come 3 years, the illness relapses instead answer, when be being weighed when dropsy light, ration of albumen of 24 hours of make water fluctuates between 9.5g~3.6g all the time, blood pressure also is in all the time elevatory. These year come, the patient has arrived early or late a few large hospitals treat place and Shijiazhuang, the effect is general. The friend introduction that come home recovers via be being cured in my courtyard after, at coming on June 5, 2005 my courtyard sees a doctor, longing can cast off hormone cure thoroughly

The circumstance when be admitted to hospital:

Benefit of language of patient god Qing Dynasty, enter ward. Patient Cheng shows " full moon face " , "Buffalo waist " body ask forring, bloated, pharynx is spent in double eyelid red without intumescent, be bored with of Bai Hou of coating on the tongue. Tone of double lung breath is weak, heartbeat 94 / cent, the law is neat, strong, without murmur, sex of shift of celiac Peng grand is sonant () , spend in double lower limbs point to sunken sex oedema. Lab examination: Uric albumen () , the leucocyte in blood 13.5, 9.5g of ration of albumen of 24 hours of make water, hematic fat 5.3mmol/l, blood pressure is flabby high from time to time of from time to time is small, wave motion is between 150-160/90-100mmHg, 45g/L of serum total albumen, albumin 23g/L.

Diagnose; Nephrosis imposes kidney sex high blood pressure integratedly

The cure after be admitted to hospital:

I give courtyard original creation while group of expert of my courtyard doctor decides to reduce an amount in groovy hormone " immune answer kidney 4 couplet therapeutics " reach " wintry bug originallies this alexipharmic soup " wait for series Chinese traditional medicine preparation, invigorate the circulation of blood changes silt, dredge main and collateral channels, the kidney that repair is damaged is organized, on film of base of cleared kidney spherule " immunity is compound content " , and complementary in order to fight infection, fall fat, pair of disease processing such as solution pressing, after January, 8 when hormone origin courtyard of the patient / the day decreases a quantity to be 6 gradually / day. The oedema when the patient is admitted to hospital, pectoral ascites disappears basically.

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