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The accident that the Li Da that suffers from diabetic nephrosis as form of a ad

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People often says " there is free lunch on the world " , "The sky also won't drop pasty " this word truly, but sometimes the miracle happened so.

On October 26, 2006 morning, professor Wang Jianfeng is in ill area make the rounds of the wards, mr Li Wenbin old is reading the diabetic nephrosis patient that discovery comes from Guangdong seriously " round-the-world character " . Can't help persuading him: "The eye is bad to do not want pay attention, wait for disease became good look again. " Li Da father looks up look, laughed at sound: "Who says my eye is bad, do not have a thing early, see the word above this or more than sufficient. " " did your eyesight restore? " " did not think of! Arrive from go to the bad now near 10 years, I am returned never so had read a magazine clearly, I must fill the thing that did not see a few this years come back! I must fill the thing that did not see a few this years come back!!

Li Wenbin uncle is one is having the old person on the sick list of medical history of 5 years of diabetic kidney. Be in early he was sufferred from to have by fish 1991 diabetic, take all the time nevertheless fall candy drug treatment, the illness still calculates smooth. Unexpectedly after 10 years, his illness embroil arrives kidney, cause complication, transform quickly then diabetic nephrosis. Very fast, his eyesight is more and more ambiguous, see not clear thing, back-to-back move begins to perspire greatly, hands or feet cool, flustered, bosom frowsty, blood pressure is high. Medicaments has not stopped the development of the illness, a few when had arrived large hospitals also do not have demonstrate outlet, li Da father meets with blame.

On October 5, 2006, when coming to hospital of Shijiazhuang blood nephrosis, li Wenbin's symptom accentuates again on original basis. Blood pressure is as high as 173/102mmHg, heartbeat 90 / cent, complexion decline is yellow, spend gently all over point to sunken sex oedema. Assay examination shows: 446umol/L of anhydride of flesh of 2 of albumen of haemoglobin 88g/L, make water, blood, urea nitrogen 27.1mmol/L, blood sugar 22 - 25mmol/L. Diagnose for Ⅱ diabetic, diabetic nephrosis: Chronic kidney function is not complete kidney failure period. Besides the torment that suffers slight illness, the magazine of books and periodicals that Li Da as form of a address for an official or rich man to like most with oneself also left, the opportunity that after often plainting, reads repeatedly was done not have. To give him divert oneself from boredom, the nurse looks for the magazine of books and periodicals that Li Da father likes technically to read him to listen. Cannot think of, be in hospital one week later, illness of Li Da father improves apparently, quality of food, Morpheus rises, bloated gradually subsidise, dim view is imperceptible also clear a lot of. After 20 days, the hypertension with worry plum old uncle returns to normal basically, blood sugar is smooth, dropsy disappears thoroughly, most those who make him glad is, he still can wear presbyopic glasses to read a magazine!

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