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Online inquiry searchs cure to obtain surprise effect

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Xu Mou, female, 49 years old, sichuan saves director of bureau of some medicine inspect, at chaotic of occurrence make water of unidentified 5 years in January reason, much bubble, see a doctor to local hospital, the convention that check make water shows: Uric albumen (+ + ) , diagnose ask for integratedly for nephrosis, do not have via cure improve. Will appear March double lower limbs is bloated, arrive China Western medicine big hospitalization, begin to take cane of prednisone, Thunder God to wait, outskirt fruit not beautiful, will add amine of acyl of the phosphor that use annulus on May 29 (0.2 grams) tertian quiet place, dropsy is reduced gradually, the albumen in make water still fluctuates in (- ) . Via getting online at 6 years inquiry will learn me in September the successful experience that the courtyard is treating nephrosis syndrome to go up, signing up for the idea that have a try, from Shijiazhuang comes besides a thousand li, will receive my division on October 17, be admitted to hospital the examination discovers road of amalgamative make water is affected. Via my division comprehensive recuperate under medical treatment, after 13 days, the symptom alleviates, dropsy is reduced, uric albumen still is (+ + ) . When the patient with confidence, the hope can continue be in hospital be able to when heal, the unit has urgent thing, must take Chinese traditional medicine 30 pay, left hospital regretfully. After January, patient phone is informed, uric albumen has turned shade, requirement mail-order Chinese traditional medicine of one period of treatment in order to consolidate curative effect.

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