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My much bursa kidney is hopeful!

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Liu Yue, female, 36 years old, liver of kidney of Hubei much bursa, much bursa
The patient discovers liver of much bursa kidney, much bursa at the examination 10 years ago, check 136umol/L of hematic flesh anhydride. Go at naked eye hematuria appearing 2 years agoCyst punctureArt, hematic flesh anhydride drops by 320umol/L to 168umol/L, take depressor only, blood pressure control is controlled in 160/95mmHg. Disgusting vomiting appears before half an year, the whole body is lack of power, measure hematin to be 79g/L, 374umol/l of hematic flesh anhydride, have sick at heart toxic, the patient after place suggests to undertake blood is appeared refuses, take common Chinese traditional medicine in members of a family only.
IntoShijiazhuang is contemporary hospital of nephrosis of blood of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, check 450umol/L of hematic flesh anhydride, hematin 78g/L, uric BLD2, RBC40 / HP, measure BP150/100mmHg, give after adjust Western medicine, correct acid, the platoon is poisonous, step-down, correct anaemia to carry 4 couplet therapeutics treats answer kidney at the same time two months, cyst is contractible 4.6cm, hematic flesh anhydride drops to 203umol/L, hb rises to 97g/L, uric check is all and electronegative.

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