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Nephritis of chronic kidney spherule

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Zhou Jianping, male, 40 years old, action in chief of nephritis of chronic kidney spherule: Lumbar acid, lumbago is lack of power 6 years
Show medical history: Envy rotten?3 year because of appearing after overworked the waist aches, in check of local hospital make water: PRO2, academy of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine is saved in Shanxi uric check, PRO2, diagnose for " of nephritis of spherule of " chronic kidney, check of the make water after giving Chinese traditional medicine decoction treatment improves, but because overworked goes out,go out repeatedly. Save hospital of the 7th people to beg to Shanxi then treat, give prednisone 12 profess to convinced, amine of annulus phosphor acyl is bit staticcer occurrence blood sugar of the patient after 3 days is elevatory. For further treatment, the patient is treated at my courtyard will beg 6 years ago. After be admitted to hospital, discuss through expert group give fall candy, improvement haemal small circulation and unit of kidney of damage of characteristic cure rehabilitate more cure, via hospitalization after a month, uric albumen turns shade, blood sugar is normal. Agree to take medicaments therapy coming home. The patient consolidates in the home treat 3 months, during check twice, albumen negative, blood sugar is normal, ill sex is stable.

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