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Oedema of the sex that be not kidney recovers here
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Liu Guiyue, female, 42 years old.

Half an year of oedema of whole body of patient private prosecution, companion has capacity of limply, job low, the flounder after sicken is in more, via cure of cure of many doctors Chinese and Western, all did not see improve apparently, knew in talk with the friend Shijiazhuang is contemporary hospital of nephrosis of blood of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, reason a long way is attracted demand medical service.

Herself also feels puzzled, the doctor says is nephritis sex oedema, but, why doesn't uric laboratory test always have albumen however? From disease person appearance looks to have oedema truly. She also brings the photograph two years ago, that is a piece of charming face, the double eye of spirit of fresh and juicy, follow eye forefathers photograph to compare, be like two different people.

After coming to a hospital, professor Wang Jianfeng had detailed examination to her, her lower limbs oedema, point to pressure without cave, belong to without cave sexual oedema, the mucus sex oedema that common Yu Jia produces when shape gland function is low, immediately smoked blood to undertake thyroid function determines, the result confirms is thyroid function low be caused by. Did not undertake handling according to nephrosis to her according to the patient's illness, made the compensatory treatment of thyroid element however. The patient treated 7 days merely here, the leg is not swollen also, mind is clear also good, the departure that appreciates extremely hospital. After coming home, insisted to treat period of time, the illness recovers completely.