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My uremia cured, family person laughed!
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Patient: Liu averages profit, male, 45 years old, person of Hunan of the Han nationality

Advocate because of: Discontinuity face is bloated 5 years, aggravating companion appetite is poor, disgusting vomiting 30 days. The patient was admitted to hospital on August 20, 2004.

Be admitted to hospital at that time circumstance, check: T 36.2 is spent, p 80 second / cent, r 18 second / cent BP 170/100mmHg, anaemic appearance, conjunctiva is a bit cadaverous, sclerotic without Huang Ran, heart lungs and abdomen did not see unusual, anhydrous of double lower limbs is swollen, experimental examination: Make water 10 PRO () , BLD () exsanguinate, cr580 μ Mol/l, BUN 24 Mmol/l, k 5.8 Mmol/l, ca2 0.9 Mmol/l, CO2PC 15 Mmol/l, hb 76g/l.

Diagnose: Function of chronic nephritis kidney is not complete uremia period, kidney sex is anaemic, metabolization sex acid is toxic.

Remedial circumstance: Classics answer kidney 4 couplet therapeutics at the same time Chinese traditional medicine of profess to convinced aweto originallies this alexipharmic series decoction treats 27 days, leave hospital.

Leave hospital circumstance, patient spirit is depressed, food is disgusting, vomit, disappear, measure BP140/80mmHg, anaemia is about to disappear, conjunctiva is not cadaverous, anhydrous of double lower limbs is swollen, make water 10: PRO (one) , BLD () , exsanguinate: Cr 180 Mmol/l, k 4.5 Mmol/l, ca2 1.1 Mmol/l, CO2PC21mmol/l, hb 110g/l accordingly the illness improves apparently.

Comment on: Chinese traditional medicine of characteristic of therapeutics of my courtyard characteristic needs invigorate the circulation of blood in the light of nephritic disease, change Yu, unripe new 3 processes. Via improving mucous membrane of intestines and stomach, blood circulates, criterion nephritic function restores, platoon poison increases, criterion BUN, CR drops, the kidney is short of blood to be able to correct, criterion blood pressure drops, 140/80mmHg, nephritic endocrine function restores, anaemic be able to correct.