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Nephritic disease is sure to keep in mind not to drop medical service in disorde

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Patient: Gu Xiaobing male 32 years old of Jiangxi save person of 9 rivers city

The circumstance before be admitted to hospital: The patient shows face ministry and dropsy of double lower limbs at going out because of the cold 3 years ago, did not cause take seriously. Appear to the front of a month symptom of ascites, vomiting, to local hospital outpatient service the examination is anaemia. Check kidney function to the hospital that be the same as aid: Cr 570 Umol/L, BUN 31.6 Mmol/L, hematic convention, hematin 74g/L. Uric convention: Albumen () , occult blood () , diagnose for " kidney function is not complete kidney failure period " , suggest a blood is dialytic, the family member does not agree and leave hospital. Turn into my courtyard to apply Chinese traditional medicine to treat.

The circumstance after be admitted to hospital: 10 climate, the bubble in make water decreases apparently, complexion begins ruddy. Symptom of disgusting, vomiting disappears, when 25 days leave hospital check kidney function urgently: CR 370 Umol/L, BUN 14.5mmol/L, hematic convention: Hematin, 103g/L, uric convention: Albumen () , occult blood (- ) the patient is right this effect very satisfactory, say gladly: "Did not think of in expensive courtyard be in hospital so short time can have so good effect, a lot of wardmate that I know are ill chaos drop medical service, run around here and there to always be not had however result and return, this also wasted the opportunity with best cure at the same time, go back I should tell them to there is a Shijiazhuang in Heibei hospital of nephrosis of blood of modern doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, major treats nephrosis, the most important is curative effect good, let them also know earlier, breakfast cure! " .

Comment on: The patient is middleaged male, oneself think the body is all along very good, occurrence symptom is not seasonable also cure, incur loss through delay good remedial opportunity, kidney function has developed when assay not complete kidney failure period, pay no attention to with medicine want and come to my courtyard. Chinese traditional medicine of gene of hospital of nephrosis of blood of modern doctor of traditional Chinese medicine treats Shijiazhuang to break nephritic interior fiber to change a course through block, of the function inside exciting kidney anabiosis, exsanguine shape is improved. Cleared complex matter and pathological changes organize the immunity that causes loss of film of kidney spherule base, at the same time film of base of repair kidney spherule, enlarge area of kidney spherule filtration, nature of hematic flesh anhydride can present downtrend, in treating a process the attention controls blood pressure of mood of food, control, control, blood sugar to wait for easy infection element, such kidney functions just can restore quickly.

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