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Chronic kidney function does not break acting countervail completely period

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Patient: Lin Zimin, female, 46 years old, hubei province assists fencing city learns a teacher in some.

Diagnose; Chronic kidney function does not lose much bursa kidney completely acting countervail period (disease of azotic qualitative blood period) .

Action in chief: Humeral week is abdominal and lack of power, aching superabundant in April, in May 2005 the portion enters my courtyard cure.

[] of the circumstance when be admitted to hospital:

Blood pressure on the high side, it is normal that hematic convention is shown. Electrolyte: Have spend acid gently toxic, hematic flesh anhydride is 295 Umol/L, BUN is 13.9 Mmol/L, uric convention shows: PRO BLD - , ration of albumen of 24 hours of make water is 0.29g/24 hour, double flank ministry bilges painful, have ache unwell. B exceeds show: Left kidney 19 × 7.3cm, right kidney 20.5 × 6cm.

[Treat circumstance] :

After the patient is admitted to hospital, king of group leader of my courtyard expert builds peak dean (professor) course labor and adj, the characteristic Chinese traditional medicine that gives me kidney of courtyard cure much bursa " a lump in the abdomen of disappear of specially good effect 2, 3, 5 " , " Chinese caterpillar fungus originallies capsule of this invigorate the circulation of blood " in order to improve nephritic small loop, the kidney that repair is damaged is organized, profess to convinced " kidney of specially good effect declines 5, 7, 8 " cure, should keep clear of the immunity inside kidney is compound content, improvement and the filter poison that restore kidney spherule discharge poisonous function. Cure already had a month, check to show as a result: Hematic flesh anhydride is 123 Umol/L, BUN is 8.2 Mmol/L, uric convention shows: PRO - BLD - , ration of albumen of 24 hours of make water is 0.16g/24 hour, b exceeds show: Left kidney 13.1 × 5.5cm, right kidney 12.8 × 5.1cm. . Double kidney bulk is apparently contractible, patient body is powerful, abdomen aches the symptom appears rarely. The patient concerns because of the job, take medicine to come home continue to consolidate cure. Telephone one many year, group of my courtyard expert maintains connection with Lin Zimin all the time, ask every 2 months check to local people hospital, already stopped drug now, patient report is full kind of case is sensational!

[Comment on] :

Much bursa kidney is disease of transmissibility of dominance of a kind of euchromosome, parental one party is sick person, the at least 50% meetings in children come on, come on later with 40 years old commonly rapidder. Clinical and main show is: Blood pressure heighten, there is occult blood, egg white in make water, abdomen is aching, have bag piece or bilge frowzily unwell. The person that kidney function is damaged can appear hematic flesh anhydride is elevatory, there is symptom of disgusting, vomiting after the illness is aggravating, the illness cannot get the person that control, same meeting moves toward uremia, depend on blood dialytic.

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