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Should not complete patient notice chronic kidney function what?
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Not complete patient should strengthen chronic kidney function above all ego health care, exercise, enhance disease-resistant ability, treat infection of the upper respiratory tract in time, cleared infection kitchen, lupus erythematosus of remedial the primary affection, diabetic, systematization, hypertension, also want to prevent the medicaments harm to the kidney.   

Next, want to notice to observe the certain change of the body: Wait like oedema, hypertensive, calorific, lack of power, inappetence, anaemia, observe uric change, how many what make water measures, if have above unwell, should make juice of analysis of fluid of blood, make water, make water germiculture and computation, kidney function determines, should do nephritic puncture biopsy and kidney even video learn an examination to wait, in order to make clear the judgement of change of the pathogeny of nephritic disease, pathology and kidney function, for the kidney ill cure and prognosis provide a basis.   

The cure of nephritic disease, main component is common treatment and special treatment. In common treatment, should notice to rest, how to rest to inspect a patient's condition and be decided. According to the different type of the disease, pathological changes degree adopts corresponding dietotherapy. Control infection, keep clear of to deliver kitchen, treatment formerly the primary affection, adjust balance of water, electrolyte, enhance airframe disease-resistant ability to wait. In special treatment, adopt different remedial plan according to different nephrosis type likewise.