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Kidney function is not complete uremic patient recovers here!
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Patient, qiu Linna, female, 38 years old, heibei conceives prefectural person.

Advocate because complexion is cadaverous companion whole body is lack of power 8 months entered my courtyard on May 13, 2006. Patient at 8 months before, without whole body of apparent inducement consciousness lack of power, complexion accompanies dropsy of lumbago, discontinuous eyelid, double lower limbs palely, see a doctor at local hospital, check uric candy 2, albumen 2, the consideration is " nephritis " , did not grant to take seriously. Before 5 months, afore-mentioned symptoms are aggravating, see a doctor at city hospital, assay kidney function is unusual (particular value is unspecified) , double kidney B exceeds show: Double kidney volume is minor, the structure owes clarity, diagnose for " chronic kidney function is not complete " , give pair of disease cure, without improve apparently. Haemoglobin 70g/l checks 10 days ago, urea nitrogen 33.4mmol/l, flesh anhydride 842umol/l, to beg face of further make a diagnosis and give treatment to come my courtyard is treated. The circumstance when the patient is admitted to hospital coughs, cough white is phlegmy, quantity of daily make water makes an appointment with 500ml, morpheus is poor, disgusting, vomiting, double lower limbs does not have dropsy, check hematin 65g/l, uric albumen 1, 981.5umol/l of hematic flesh anhydride, urea nitrogen 35.48mmol/l, 10.9mmol/l of carbon dioxide adhesion, nephritic B exceeds show double kidney atrophy.

According to medical history and each examination examine is: Ba of razor clam of ∏ of triangular bream of  fall from the sky lives Song of ⑵ of bureau of Fu of ⒛ of  of exemplarying locust of δ of Yu of ⒙  fall from the sky

On cure, group of my courtyard expert gives through detailed consultation " immune answer kidney 4 couplet therapeutics " , aweto of profess to convinced originallies platoon of this invigorate the circulation of blood of soup of invigorate the circulation of blood is poisonous, combine Chinese traditional medicine to retain the treatment such as decoction clyster, correct anaemia to reach at the same time correct soda acid unbalance to wait, pass afore-mentioned comprehensive treatment 45 days, the unwell symptom such as patient cough, expectoration, disgusting, vomiting alleviates, 2 normal, double lower limbs does not have dropsy, check kidney function shows: Flesh anhydride 172.9umol/l, urea nitrogen 7.63mmol/l, 20.5mmol/l of carbon dioxide adhesion, in August 2006 16 leave hospital. Chinese traditional medicine is taken after leaving hospital decoction aweto originallies soup of this invigorate the circulation of blood consolidates curative effect, the phone is followed visit, patient patient's condition is stable all the time.
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